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Inward Quest is such a treasure. Always here, freely holding up priceless accumulated wisdom and guidance for anyone who seeks it. It's wonderful. Thank you.

It occured to me that my recent experience of an unintentional manifestation may be a common one, so I am hoping that by sharing my little adventure in a Community Wiki, I might provide a quick roadmap back to the light :)

I recently uh... accidently, manifested someone screaming their head off at me. Wow, was that a surprise lol! (0.o) I listened to it as best I could (not my rodeo anymore, not my horse, so it was a bit befuddling), it was basically "no one listens to me, no one cares about me, my feelings don't matter to anyone, and it's all your fault" um, somehow.

I know that I didn't "deserve" or "earn" this abuse, it never even occurred to me to wonder about that. That was my life before Inward Quest, but I did recoil and feel a little hurt for a moment; it took me so completely by surprise.

But after that moment, all I really heard, at amazing volume, was "yada yada yada, you suck, yada yada" and I have to admit, it was kinda funny. How's that for a change @Stingray? :D And it only took ten years! ;) I'm kidding, of course. The reason it was such a shock is that I don't manifest anything anywhere near this sort of abuse anymore, and haven't in many years. (It was once a daily thing, and you do get used to, and cherish, the peace and quiet.) (⁠✿⁠ ⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠)

My first thought was, of course; How in the heck did I manifest THIS!? LOL! Like, WTH did I just step in? Eeeew.

I would prefer not to be screamed at, so I thought I'd better have a look at how I'd manifested such a bizarre thing.

I started with remembering that everything is a mirror, so just where in my life am I screaming abuse at myself? But my internal dialogue is nothing like this anymore, so what was reflecting back at me, telling me I'm bad and I suck and all that nonsense? I really had no idea.

It took putting it all on a back burner and sleeping on it (a great idea, btw) for me to recognize what it was actually about, though seems obvious now. I had been feeling somewhat unheard, and my feelings ignored in recent months, but it originated with a very different person, in such entirely different-feeling circumstances in my life, it wasn't immediately apparent to me what the connection might be. But the answer will always be in your feelings, above and beyond any circumstances. Circumstances could match of course, but it's how you feel about them that matters. That's where your superpower is.

I had been paying mild attention to those feelings, thinking oh yeah I'll need to turn this around, ya know sometime, when I get around to it. Whoops. :) But even so, I certainly did not feel so violently intense, as in screaming bloody murder about it. Nothing like it.

So I wasn't entirely satisfied that I knew just what was happening, and came here wanting some clarity and guidance. I hit the tag "vibrational-matches" and found my own question from over 10 years ago, and all it's very helpful answers. It was the out-of-place-feeling scale of my manifestation that confused me, and @Liam's answer hit it. He reminded me that if you don't acknowledge vibrational matches that come up, showing you what you're creating, you don't have to don't worry about missing them haha, they will just get bigger and bigger until you recognize them.

Looking at it now, I can see that this theme and how I felt about it was the subject of the current episode of a television series that I have enjoyed for years. The same theme is featured in a recent neighborhood complaint about disinterested local government on an online community page. Here again when an acquaintance who was involved in a recent, slightly irritating development that manifested near my home blithely brushed off my valid concern. The progression is now fascinating to me.

1) A TV episode is familiar in feeling, but just a distant bit of weather.

2) My community getting het up about not being heard, also familiar in feeling, is a raindrop on my shoulder.

3) Someone distractedly blowing by me as I voiced a concern felt familiar - a little rain shower.

4) Finally, clouds form a storm that seemed to come out of nowhere, manifesting as someone screaming at me.

There were probably many more little things in between that I didn't pay attention to, but these are the few that come to mind at the moment.

This entire progression of thought takes just a few quiet minutes, it's not a great big effort, there's no need to sweat it. ;) Just strike the chord of those matching feelings inside, and see what else vibrates to it.

So now I know, the only action needed is an acknowledgement of what I'd been seeing, a nod and a smile, then an easy course-correct back to a happy life.

In conclusion, I want to stress that this little story is not something to fear at all. On the contrary, it is very satisfying to be the conductor of my own life, and a lot of fun. :)

I thought I'd try using some quotes from the answers I refer to as well as the link. I hope this is a user-friendly way to share their wisdom. Though I do encourage anyone who's interested in the subject to read it all, and keep on reading here until you find what you need. It's all here, I promise you.

@Liam points out that there are absolutely no vibrational mis-matches. By ignoring the recurring vibrational matches I was seeing, I'd made it necessary for them to grow bigger until I saw the connection.

Our @Stingray, @r0la, @Satori and @Xoomaville expanded on that, reminding me that this is all good stuff, and to take it for what it is - a wonderful way keep an eye your trajectory, and move on to enjoy your life. Which is right back where I am, within about 12 hours, with a good sleep and a post on IQ in between. Yay! :D

" ..if it is prohibiting you in some way, it will manifest for you to see." ~ @Liam

"...and you don't have to worry about missing it, if you miss it at first no problem - it'll just keep getting bigger and bigger for you until you see it. It will start as just a small feeling, then something small will happen like someone will say something that triggers the feeling or a memory. Still ignore it and something else might happen, with a much stronger feeling..." ~ @Liam

"Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest, nor buried that will not be raised." ~ Quoted from @Liam's answer, which I only just now realized is a quote from the Gospel of Thomas. @Liam, you literally never cease to amaze me.

"... Yes, you could mentally analyze the incident to death and start speculating that it might be an indication that past vibrational attitudes about relationships need cleaning up...but that seems like far too much hard work to me :) It seems so much easier (and fun) to just do a casual "oh, look at that", let it all go and carry on enjoying the journey of your now life :) ~ @Stingray

"... treat it as part of the passing show. Focus on what you want. Keep it simple. Enjoy the Now moment :) ~ @Satori

"...much of your attraction is not done by deliberate intent, but rather by default. It is important to understand that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. And chronic thoughts about unwanted things invite, or ask for, matching experiences. The Law of Attraction makes it so." ~ Abraham-Hicks, quoted in @R0la's answer.

"If we deal with every past shadows that suddenly showed up when we are trying to manifest completely different opposite thing with: "oh, look at that", let it all go and carry on enjoying the journey of your now life :) I think life will ease and manifestation will be easier." ~ @r0la

"...don't dwell on it, but use this incidence to remind yourself of that breakthrough." ~ @Xoomaville

"Get your head back up in the clouds where you belong" ~ @ursixx, somewhere wonderful on Inward Quest. Indeed. Love you, @ursixx.

Love you all.

Grace :)

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Thanks for sharing though I don't really get it.

But what happened to the Inwardquest community? Wouldn't there be a better place to share this?

(30 Mar, 11:36) kakaboo

Hi @kakaboo - Unintentionally manifesting unpleasant things can be mystifying. I found good advice and clarity when I searched here, so I posted this Wiki here for others who may be looking for clarity too.

It's intended to offer an example of how they might find their way through as well.

(31 Mar, 14:01) Grace
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I recently uh... accidently, manifested someone screaming their head off at me. Wow, was that a surprise lol! (0.o)

So I was down at the shopping center recently and just randomly felt this uncontrollable urge to start screaming my head off at a passerby...oh, wait a minute...hi @Grace ;)


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@Stingray - Ah yes, the IQ connection vibes know no distance. Haha sorry bout that! :D

(30 Mar, 22:20) Grace
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