could someone please explain what letting go is? When should one focus on his desire and sustain that focus? where does letting go come in?

would appreciate short and precise answers if possible

thank you, mark

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There is a general misunderstanding that some people have regarding the process of manifesting.

There is an assumption that the longer you focus on something, the more you are pulling it towards you (in the sense of manifesting it). So you get success gurus telling you to focus on your goal everyday or carry flash cards around in your wallet to look at constantly.

In many cases, this actually gets in the way of the manifestation because you keep noticing the absence of the thing you desire, which slows or even stops it coming.

Letting go means to get out of the way of your desire, to no longer notice the absence of it, and thereby let it come when the time is right.

The most efficient way to manifest something you want is to think very clearly about what you want once and never think about it again i.e. let it go...if you can pull this off, it will come faster than you would believe.

One of my favorite letting-go processes, which I have used very effectively many times in my life, is described in the book The 11th Element.

The process is basically to write a very precise letter to the universe about exactly what you want, drop it in a box, and then forget about it. It is surprising how quickly what you write in the letter comes to pass.

Sorry if this answer was not that short and precise but I hope that helps.


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Thanks for the link Stingray I will check it out. So, true letting go means getting out of the way of your desire.

(27 Oct '09, 01:06) flowingwater

I write an letter but i title it an petiton to Jesus and it works because you are putting it in his hands who loves you very much! Stingray

(30 Oct '09, 00:28) flowingwater

It means trying not to control the situation or outcome but fully trusting in the Universe,God etc. to provide the right answer. If action is necessary it will come from a place of complete knowing and not striving. Just my perception, hope it helps.


answered 29 Oct '09, 12:23

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To let go means to get your ego out of the way.

When you're centered in the ego, you are an individual, limited by a belief system that includes only your identity as an individual.

When you get your ego out of the way, you free your mind's creative expression to come up with novel solutions to problems, and you open your mind to accepting novel sources of energy and resources.

Visualizing what you want should be a process of planting in your creative mind a clear and vivid image of your desired goal. Once that is accomplished, your focus should then be directed to doing those things that are required to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

In order to do the things that are required, sometimes decisions have to be made. If your goal is to become an excellent guitarist, for example, you must set aside time for study and practice. Note that "mental practice" (practicing in your mind's eye) can greatly accelerate this process.


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To let go, is to drop the precious diamonds you held in your hands and turn your palms to Father Sky and say Thank You. Love and Light.


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Imagine your holding water with the palms of your hands.

If you try to desperatly to hold it in and clasp your hands the water will simply slide between your fingers.

But if you relax and hold your hands with unison and knowing for what you want, you will have more then enough water to go around.

That's what letting go is, it's ACCEPTING what is.


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imagine your thought as a beautiful woman. would you like to to ''have'' her at any price ( want - need ) , keep her a presoner in your house ( mind ) do as told even if she doesn't want it or even doesn't want you. or show her your love in the most powerful way .. and let her choose? .. letting go, means to respect the most sacred law in existence. the law of free choice. thoughts are not different than anything else that exists. let it go, and it will choose to stay with you, if you show enough love. not will power. most people usually mix free will, with will power. both are not the same action. they are opposite actions. using will power will cause a resistance .. a reaction in the opposite direcition.


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If you already have your desired outcome as you speak it. letting go, has already occured.


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Letting go to me is to accept my failures, and short comings. Then making a clear conscious choice to grow from it, meaning if I fail in say a school curriculum I will seek a different better way to learn the material. Example is actually a testimony, i'll explain. As a kid I would bring homework home I struggled in maths. My Dad would beat me, because I struggled with maths. As a Adult, i hated maths, because it took me back as a child with my Dad. Until one day God told me to look at the numbers like sentences. I ALLWAYS excelled in english, so maths was no longer a burden for me, because i accepted my failure, short coming. Then I made a clear conscious choice to grow from it. This is only a percent of "LETTING GO," . There are relationships, addictions, etc..


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"Letting go" takes on great healing power when there is no ego trying to do the letting go, but rather giving permission for the emotional suffering or anxiety to resolve itself within a space of inner acceptance. This is central to Mindfulness Therapy. Read: The Path of Mindfulness Meditation by Peter Strong


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Peter Strong

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To "let go" is to trust the spontaneity of your own being, to trust your own energy and power and strength, and to abandon yourself to the energy of your own life.

The Way Toward Health, page 268.


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I find it something like imagining you have a hand full of sand then just letting it go into the wind. If you can achieve this sensation in your hand, then try to accomplish it in your whole body. This is something like relaxation... Letting go of all tension due to confused ideas or dependence upon the physical.


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To me letting go means focusing completely on it, your desire, need, or want, and clear everything else out of the way than have an good understanding of it the desire you want.Than turn it lose and let it go, forget about it, if the thought arises back up it will not be about worry, concern, or doubt, or questioning when will it happen you will feel it has already happen that you have it and you are so thankful for it an move on to something else, Before you know it you will have it.

This is mine understanding and interpertation of it. I am learning and focusing myself on my desires. Removing the doubt however it may creep in. I am learning you got to believe or know that you know you already have it. That it is in the process of being made, process, mail out to you by virtual virbrational thoughts connecting with God, universal consciouness, and your order is being filled and sent out to you. Payment if any would be appreciation, graditude, helping others along the way and saying thank you to God.


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letting go is like holding a boat in water so the water does not take it away! once you have solve what you need to solve you can let go and the boat will be on is way! same for the though if you hold on to them they can't go because it is not settle! imagine doing a puzzle but not letting go of the pieces it would become hard to do well in the mind it is the same! so settle and let go! so do like jesus said let every thing and come with me! because one cannot progress if he is stuck on something!


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