I am sorry it is still not too clear for me :p

I have been reading "The Secret" before (and through it) I came across The Master Key System, and now I am here. The Secret says that you have to have repetitive thoughts about what you want and fancy yourself with the thing in your hands (so to speak), in order to get it. It teaches you also how to get money by thinking constantly that money is on your way or fancying that you are counting it.

But Manifesting Experiment-1 says "don't ask money" "drop your wish in the box and forget about it, or you'll be constantly bothering the 'person' that you handle your wish to, so delaying the manifesting process" It sound as opposite things to me, and I'd appreciate more clarification on that. What must I do then?

Another thing: Where 'Affirmations' fit in in this process?? And Visualization?? Thank you! BJ09

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Both approaches are actually valid.

But I realize that, on the surface, they both appear to contradict each other - one approach says you'll get what you want by thinking about it, the other says you'll get what you want by not thinking about it.

The reason that the two methods appear contradictory is because of the following incorrect assumption that people make about manifesting...

alt text

Most people believe that focusing on what they want is creating what they want...

...but this is not true!

What you want was actually created in the split-second that you decided you wanted it. It happened in that sudden brief surge of enthusiasm or inspiration, or in that moment of clear vision that came to you.

This is a really important point to understand...what you want already exists in the universe simply because you decided you wanted it, and now your only work is to align with it to draw it into your physical reality.

Once you understand that manifesting is simply about alignment with what has already been created, you'll see the various manifesting methods in a new light. You'll see that they are all really just little games you play with yourself to gradually bring yourself closer to that alignment.

Some of these games involve focusing on what you want and some involve not focusing on what you want. Either way is okay because they are only games. You just choose whichever you feel inspired to play with, or whichever you find most effective for you.

I've previously written this answer that explains the concept in more detail...and it also answers your question about where affirmations and visualization fit into the process.


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Great answer again Stingray - I find the more I re-read your answers, the clearer it becomes. Just a question,I know you said before you hadn't used the box experiment in a while but you were going to experiment with the rest of us - do you personally feel you have more success with the 'focusing' method or the 'forgetting about it' method?

(08 May '10, 12:13) Michaela

@Michaela - I'll answer your question in the instructions for Manifesting Experiment 2

(08 May '10, 13:43) Stingray

Thanks Stingray :)

(09 May '10, 01:27) Michaela

As the thought is created in the mind, it is created in the universe this is a real fact, and the manifestation/incarnation of it to flesh will depend on the degree of alignment. This is the core of law of attraction philosophy and which will be certified by time and experiences.

(17 Nov '12, 03:20) r0la

@Stingray "What you want was actually created in the split-second that you decided you wanted it". So what if it takes me some time, say 3 months to align with this, but in the 3 months this particular thing I want might have changed in some way? Would it take additional effort to align with the "new" thing?

(17 Nov '12, 10:57) kakaboo

@kakaboo that is a good point to discus since conditions are in continuous changing but alignment is alignment right... alignment with the desire in its core then the change of conditions shouldn’t effect the base harmony what you think stingray?

(19 Nov '12, 07:43) r0la

@kakaboo - Can you give me an example of what you mean? The universe will always match the essence of what you are aligned with, regardless of how long it takes you to come into alignment. Only humans create limitations for themselves through lackful thinking ("there is not enough of something") as opposed to prosperity consciousness ("everything I want is always available")

(28 Nov '12, 05:03) Stingray

@Stingray - For instance, maybe I desire a huge mansion today. But since it is too huge for me to manifest instantly at this point of time, it might take me a year for me to align completely with this huge mansion. But in this one year, maybe there would have been events that cause me to want not a huge mansion anymore, but want something else similar to a huge mansion, say maybe a private condominium with beautiful scenery and friendly neighbours. How does this actually play out ?

(28 Nov '12, 09:04) kakaboo

@kakaboo - You reliably get the essence of what you want, not necessarily the specifics...though that can happen as well. Think about what emotions that particular mansion brings up for you e.g. prosperity, freedom, abundance, space etc. If you carry on aligning, you'll get physical manifestations that match those emotions when they come. If you change what you are chasing then think about what different emotions that new thing represents for you...that's what you'll get matches to.

(30 Nov '12, 05:55) Stingray
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Repetitive thoughts....followed by forgetting about it.Works for me every time. The core belief must change, then the release and letting go must happen.



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this seems to help me too....since my mind wants to think about it anyway I use it to my best advanage.

(19 Nov '12, 01:45) clearheart

I find that both works, but what works better for me is forgetting about it, and it will manifest in its' proper time!


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This is also my top question on the LOA. I have been studying LOA for years and I still haven't decided what works best. Both works thought. I have tried both. Hmmm..... a lot of materials also give the same contradictions. Now which is which. I would love to figure out for myself.


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I found out that repetitive thoughts work best for me. I'm the obsessive kind of person :) Find dificcult to let go! Thanks for your reply Aphrodite! xxx

(09 Dec '10, 12:24) BridgetJones09
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