Have you ever heard the saying " BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE . For instance to be appreciated start being an appreciative person  or You want to manifest the partner of you dreams, become that person yourself.

Is step 3 in the manifesting process really that effortless or Is it not the case that Allowing some manifestations require vast changes within ourselves before we see the evidence of it. 

Thank you:)

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Yes, that quote and variations of it are from Mahatma Gandhi, the man who was behind setting India free from British occupation; a very wise man. He knew that to bring peace to his land the people had to change their, age-old, warring ways and become peaceful by nature; hence the non-violent peaceful protests, even if it meant death for some, which it did. He knew that it’s not possible to get to peace from a place of violence.

All realities and thus all versions of you exist now. To change your experience from who you currently are to who you’d like to be; in your imagination visualize you as your ideal self and receive feedback in the form of downloads and inspiration from that version of you.

To become the version of you that you say you now want to experience, you have to activate the vibration of that person within your NOW reality. That’s what’s meant by being the change that you want to see. You have to believe that that change is possible and then you have to actually, vibrationally, be that change.

It’s important to remember that your old definitions and beliefs about your reality and hence your old idea of reality will stick around for a while, until you have fully integrated the new definition and the new belief into your being by believing in it fully. Then you will be that new vibration and as such, you’ll experience reality from that perspective.

In other words, once you’ve mentally made the change you have to ignore the current circumstances (that are occurring before your eyes) that you no longer desire, until such a time that those circumstances are what you now want to experience; don’t oscillate between what you desire and what you no longer desire!

Make up your mind and get clear about what you really want. Then get in touch with the, already existing, (new for you) version of you and be as that person is being and you’ll begin seeing the results of that; and then over time that will be your new reality 8-)


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Thanks for answering Eddie, your answer has cleared things up, appreciate it.

(05 Aug '11, 15:53) Satori

Thanks Satori, once we understand a few fundamentals, we can just relax and enjoy our life as the changes become apparent :)

(28 Nov '11, 02:28) Eddie

I think it probably really is much more effortless than we think... our own small mind is the only thing that prevents us from seeing that and often convinces us that we have to do major work in order to see change. Our real potential is incomprehensible to the egoic mind.

I think the best advice ever given is right in that quote...Be the change you want to see. Once we start being that change our world begins to change in alignment with that. I think we all have more to give than we could even conceive of and I think when we begin to give, give, give the universe begins to yield our natural abundance :)


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Thanks for answering Michaela,appreciate it. Your answer helped:)

(05 Aug '11, 15:51) Satori

You're very welcome Satori... glad it helped :)

(05 Aug '11, 21:13) Michaela
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