Hi All,

This is an out of the Vortex question. I usually find my self in a situation where I am vibrationally very low, once every month. You can say that I am distressed right now.

I really need your help on this and hence asking this question. This question has reference to my previous question as below, where in I had asked when would be the right time to move from my job to my business.


This issue has been bothering me for over 2 months now. The situation now is that I don't feel any enthusiasm for my job anymore and don't feel like working at all. Every single day I have to do some vibrational work to ensure that I work, and even with that I end up doing very little work and then the guilt of not doing justice to my job. Hence even my performance in my job has taken a beating and is reflecting in my feedback. I feel I am not doing or learning anything in my job and hence stagnating. Also feel that I am losing touch with my business skills and aptitude.

I have done EFT several times to remove negative emotions in my mind associated with my job, but only to find that these resurface soon enough. To some extent this has resulted in my losing some faith on EFT in removing the negative feelings from the root. I have been practicing EFT since more than 8 months now and have lately started practicing the Faster EFT style (by Robert Smith). Have learned this mostly from youtube.

Also since I have been pre occupied with this negative emotion regarding my job, a few health issues have come up. I have had several rounds of talks with my wife as she is the only one I can share my true feelings with. But somehow there is this insecurity of cashflows not coming in once I stop my job. Even the business efforts that we are making parallely are not giving any returns.

I have tried the Manifesting Expreriment-4 a couple of times, but that too hasn't yielded any thing great. I am sure there is something that I am doing wrong here because of which these awesome techniques and processes are not working for me. I really do believe that these work and there have been instances when these have worked to some extent in the past for me.

My wife is slightly unhappy with me and so am I with the way I am responding to this situation given the vibrational progress I have made over the past year or so. Which makes me lesser confident to take on business head on now.

I am in a mess and emotional turmoil where in I am not enjoying my job at all. I want to move fully and immediately into business but not confident of that as well as I haven't been in vibrational harmony over the last few months.

I am aware that I cannot move to something better without making peace with where I am and appreciating what I have but some how I have not been able to do this. I feel like running away from the situation and I know that this not the solution. I feel like quitting my job every single day but I know that would be disastrous without having achieved vibrational alignment to move ahead successfully.

Request your help, suggestions and advice.

Thanks so much!!


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It's a difficult business answering "out of the Vortex" questions because you won't hear an "In-The-Vortex" answer when you are there - it will just sound like "blah, blah, blah" :)

But then once you're in your Vortex, you won't need any answers from anyone else because your own unique answers will be obvious to you, and you will easily understand how all the "In-The-Vortex" answers already on this website relate to your situation.

Makes providing a useful answer a bit tricky, huh? :)

So, really, all I can offer you right now that isn't going to sound like Stingray doing his usual "blah, blah, blah" are a few suggestions on how to streamline Manifesting Experiment 4 to make it more effective for you.

These are some ideas that I am playing around with right now and getting interesting results with, so even if it does sound like "blah, blah, blah" to you at this moment, it might still be useful to someone else...

alt text

Click here to see this picture at full size

  • Idea 1: For the vast majority of issues, you can reduce the entire Manifesting Experiment 4 process to just Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3 only...just completely ignore Steps 4, 5, 6, 7 but still do the Positive Aspects element at the end. I find that skipping those steps keeps the negative emotional state more intensely focused - and thereby easier to "clean up" because I'm more targeted on it.

    Also, don't spend too long trying to come up with the answers to those questions. Just go for the "big stuff" that comes to mind immediately. This analysis process literally only takes me a few minutes. Don't be concerned that you'll miss something important because, even if you do and part of your issue still remains, the issue you are dealing with will resurface automatically when you apply Idea 3 below i.e. when you do your daily list.

  • Idea 2: When doing the "clean up" using your preferred method (for me, it's Faster EFT), if you find that simply tapping on the emotions or the negative statements is not shifting anything then try a different approach. Just start at the top of your head and gradually move your attention down your body.

    As soon as you come across any tense or bad-feeling area within your body, just tap while concentrating on that tenseness or negativity. Your only goal here is to eventually end up with an overall neutral/good-feeling body from head to toe. At no point are you concentrating directly on your issues. However, once you have neutralized any tenseness / negativity within your physical body, you should find that your issues have been neutralized also.

  • Idea 3: Every morning (ideally), sit down and write out on paper (though I prefer mind-mapping on a computer myself) anything that is bothering you right then. This is not a list of everything that has ever bothered you, just things that are bothering you at that exact moment. Again just go for the "big stuff" that comes to mind within a few minutes. Completeness is not important here, you are just trying to bring the most troubling things to mind at that moment, and that should come pretty easily.

    Now pick the most troubling item you can find on your list and clean it up using the Manifesting Experiment 4 process. If you are using the streamlined process mentioned above, it won't take long. Then just go about your day.

    Tomorrow morning, make another list of things that are bothering you at that moment on a completely new sheet of paper (or new mind-map). It could now be that many of the things that were bothering you today are no longer bothersome because your "core" vibrational cleanup (from Manifesting Experiment 4) has had the side-effect of cleaning those up also.

    So your list tomorrow might be very different from your list today, or it might not. But tomorrow do the same thing again...pick the single most bothersome item, spend a few minutes cleaning it up and just get on with your day.

    Once you have reached the point that nothing seems to bother you any more in the moment of doing the list. think about the events of the day so far and see if you can come up with anything. If that's clear, scan the significant events of the whole of yesterday for a few moments. If that's clear, scan the significant events of last weekend, or your last day at work. If that's clear, scan the significant events of your last holiday, or last period of time off from what you normally do. If that's clear, scan the significant events of the last year.

    I wouldn't go back any further than a year. If, after that, you are still struggling to come up with things that are bothering you then that's a pretty good place to be living your life from :)

    Just keep going with this process every morning for a few minutes, always picking the single most troubling item to tackle only, and see where that leads you. I'm getting some quite interesting results with this approach. I'm still testing it but I like it a lot so far :)


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Stingray.. Once again I have received, much more from you than what I had asked for!! :) I must tell, your "Blah Blah" has been immensely valuable to me. I want to acknowledge here that whatever little vibrational progress I have made till date, I attribute most of it to you. You were the one who introduced me to Abraham, Ask and it is given, also to EFT and Faster EFT. I have also tried your Manifesting experiments, but I admit, not very diligently. I am truly grateful to you :) Thanks once again.

(11 Oct '11, 07:21) Sourabh

I did some introspection and I have identified 3 of my biggest problems because of which I have nbeen able to achieve that which I have asked for. 1) Discipline 2) Consistency and 3) Time Management. This relates to all the efforts I make whether in Vibrational work or Physical work. I would love to have your suggestions and advise on these. Also I would love to have your perspective on Polarity and Polarization in getting what we want. Please refer http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/16945/what-are-your-thoughts-on-polarity-in-the-realm-of-reality-creation. Thanks so much :)

(11 Oct '11, 07:26) Sourabh

Lastly I will surely follow what you have advised in this answer. This looks to be a very simplified approach to practicing ME-4 and EFT. Really appreciate!! Thanks. I know what I need to do, just that I dont do it, some inertia and lack of discipline and consistency some where. But this time around, I will surely form a habit of what you have advised above.. Thanks so much for always showing the way, and more so, so very beautifully and holistically. Warm Regards

(11 Oct '11, 07:29) Sourabh

You're welcome, Sourabh. I'll have a look at your other question and get back to you on it in due course

(12 Oct '11, 17:06) Stingray

Thanks Stingray.

(13 Oct '11, 05:27) Sourabh

Stingray, wanted to ask, Does focusing only on the pain or physical discomfort while tapping, doing faster EFT, remove it (Physical & emotional problem) completely or would we need to address the emotional discomfort and painful memories while tapping? Thanks.

(21 Oct '11, 11:21) Sourabh

@Sourabh - Body is a manifestation of Mind and both are interconnected. If you neutralize the "pain", the cause of it clears up as well. You can test this by going back to the original memory and see if there is any discomfort from it. If there is, there is still something that hasn't been fully cleaned up...perhaps even an entirely different "table leg" to the same issue: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/9746/has-anyone-tried-faster-eft/14530#14530

(21 Oct '11, 11:57) Stingray

@Sourabh - Regarding your request for an answer to your Polarity question, I've had a quick look at that link you are referring to and really can't find any enthusiasm to study it. It doesn't mean there is not any value in it for you, just not for me, and I generally only write answers that I feel inspired to write and to write one for that is going to feel quite forced...so I think I'll have to skip it. Sorry :) Regarding your discipline, consistency, time management query further up this thread, I believe I've now answered this here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17751/how-can-i-b

(21 Oct '11, 12:01) Stingray

@ Stingray: Thanks! With regards to the EFT comment. In the example that you quoted, if the emotional charge remains, then would still tapping on the pain (which is supposedly gone now) remove it? Also, in case there is no physical discomfort remaining in the body, does it mean that our mind is absolutely free from all the resistances and emotional pains from memories or experiences of the past?

(21 Oct '11, 12:34) Sourabh

@ Stingray: I truly respect your inspirations and it is all because of your inspired answers that I have learned such a great deal :) Just that I wanted to know your opinion on that topic, as I have in a way taken you as my Virtual Guide / Mentor! And your answers and comments really inspire and influence me. Almost always, I get solutions to all my queries from your helpful answers. May be it might come sometime in the future :) Thanks again for the answer to my new question on discipline. Best Regards.

(21 Oct '11, 12:42) Sourabh

@Sourabh - You can tap on either the emotional charge or the pain, and one should neutralize the other. If there is no physical pain, just tap on what you perceive as the emotional charge. If there is no physical discomfort left in your body when you think about your issue then, yes, you are free of your issue ...you actually feel emotion in your body - though sometimes, if it isn't strong, you really have to focus to figure out where - and if there is no negative emotion, there is no more negative attracting power associated with that thought or memory

(21 Oct '11, 16:32) Stingray

Thanks Stingray! That was really helpful.. :)

(23 Oct '11, 10:13) Sourabh
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Dear Sourabh, I'm sorry to hear you are in distress, and it sounds as if you are going through a mild depression. You need to give yourself some incentive and something to look forward to. You also need to have some fun in your life to counteract the feelings of hopelesness.

Decide when you want to start your business (like 6 months or a years time) and make a big calendar chart and hang it on the wall where you can see it every day. Start crossing off days one at a time so that you can see that you are slowly getting closer to your dream. That way you will have something to look forward to.

Have some fun in your life so that you can forget your troubles for a while. What did you do for fun before? Do more of it because play is important. Include your wife and just decide today is our day of fun and play and I refuse to worry about mundane things of life for this day. You dont need money to have a fun day. Go for a walk or a picknick or whatever you enjoyed doing. If nothing else put on some good music and dance. Some form of exercise is important. Do this once a week if possible.

Read again the answer I gave you for the question "When would be the best time to answer my inner call" and start to practice the sugestions again but this time dilligently every day without fail and I can assure you thing will improve.

You say you are aprhensive about your dream job and that is normal for all to some extent are aprihensive about starting anew no matter how excited they might also be. Every day visualise yourself victorious in your new job and feel the happiness it brings. It might take a bit of time but you will eventualy get it right so keep practising. If you do all the above you should see improvement in the way you feel so vibrationaly you will be better.

If none of the above work and you still feel low than you should see a medical or alternative practicioner for you could be suffering from of deppressin and this needs to be resolved for your happiness. Have some Reiki healing done.

Eat regularly and exercise and do your inner work and you should feel better and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you hope and happiness.


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Paulina 1

I just read an article called "Are you letting fear get in the way of your highest destiny" by Colette Baron Reid and I think you should read it. Just google "Colette Baron-Reid" it is on that page under intuition CBR Blog.

(04 Oct '11, 08:14) Paulina 1

Hi Paulina, Thanks for such a valuable piece of advice. Really appreciate your taking so much time to help me out. What you have advised are some really simple and small things, which probably I am missing out on, and am sure these wold turn things around for me. And I did read that article, it was lovely, Thanks so much :) !!

(11 Oct '11, 06:52) Sourabh

Hi Sourabh

How about going to your local hospital or animal shelter (which ever is applicable to you) and giving your time to those who need it? That might give you perspective again.

Happy thoughts!


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Hey, that's a nice thought.. may be I will try that soon!! :) Thanks..

(11 Oct '11, 06:53) Sourabh

your issue is your ambition not fitting with the job you have. that is why it is called a job. but you know what you need a job. yes i agree with you you stagnate and waste time. the real question is are you ready to do something else if so make that change. if not stay there. you have free will so use it wisely it is as simple as that. and you do not need to suffer from it. those though and emotion are in you for something did you meditate and find the meaning to put them to rest? if not try it. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Oct '11, 23:37

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white tiger

Thanks White Tiger for your valuable suggestions!! :)

(11 Oct '11, 06:54) Sourabh
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