So in Abrahams book, the vortex, i noticed that it is impossible to attract a relationship if you're in the state of negativity, loneliness, or focusing on the lack of your desire, as LOA will just attract things that applify how you feel about it.

Another good point is that "one cannot attract a relationship by criticising others, as it is just a reflection of self-hate."

If I just appreciate the good traits, in whatever I can, in people (notice, Im not saying 'things', just merely people you know), does this get me out of the brink of blockage of manifesting. And does this apply to things apart from a romantic relationship?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

well i will tell you often people criticize but they can't do better or they are the one doing what happen and they criticize it. putting the blame on others. for what perpace for their ego to show they are better and in fact they are not. it is easy to judge when you are not the one facing the situation. if it is positive criticize giving a help full hand with out judgement it is good. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Well the problem is not the criticizing itself, but the "reflection of self hate", or in other words your vibration about yourself.

When you feel the need to criticize - get into the vortex by focusing on a different subject and then look for positive aspects in other people (this will be very difficult to do if you aren't in the vortex).

However in your case I doubt it's going to do the trick... As I answered you once before, from your question I pick up a strong vibration of doubt, worry, of needing the manifestation desperately (because you don't like not being in a relationship) and trying to control it by looking for the magic cure.

I am telling you this although this is not related to your question - unless you make the decision to let go already, and stop resisting your reality, you will never have the relationships you desire.

Why is it so painful to you not to be in a relationship? What you would have to believe in order to suffer so much in relation to this issue? And why do you think you aren't attracting the women you want?

These are the questions you need to start asking (of course from within the vortex), and start to focus wheel them all. Get into the vortex, ask yourself the questions (which will kick you out of the vortex), then get in again, then ask yourself again and so on. You have in you an active vibrations that are stopping you from manifesting your desires and you are simply refusing to look at it - so please, for your sake, enough asking all these questions in order to figure all this out - you never will and that is not your job! Just align with your desire. Just allow the powerful forces that are at your service to provide you with all you want.

Love, Benjamin.


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God's word gives clear guidance to this. Yes, by not judging others that helps, but it is only a small part. Treating others with the same respect and kindness we would enjoy being treated with, includes forgiving others of their damages they caused you. Also helping others is part of how we would like to be treated, so it is how we need treat others too.

What the Law of Attraction says is "Getting Clear", or what Christians call "Getting Right with God". This is so that the flow of good can come through; what I believe Esther would call being in the Vortex.


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Wade Casaldi

Thanks, yes carry no grudges and judge no one, but be willing to help everyone. :-)

(05 Nov '11, 06:43) Wade Casaldi

Love your answer Wade, good advice as usual.

(05 Nov '11, 18:24) Paulina 1

I noticed that I had developed a habit in myself, and modeled it for my son, of noticing the stupid, idiotic, insane, ignorant, hypocritical things that people do. It's genesis was in a desire to show my son what a good mom he has and what a good life he has and how not to behave or negative affects of some choices. After reading about the LOA, I realized that this behavior attracts more oportunities to find shortcomings in others. I pointed that out to my son, but he had a healthy response in that he saw it as the 'guides' that I had intended. However, I encouraged him to try to find good things about people too. I have decided to focus my attention on what is right and what is good on the world and in people. It is not an easy habit to start, but once it becomes habit, it is easier to remember.


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Fairy Princess

I'm proud of you Fairy Princess you got it right to see the good and your son will too in his own time.

(05 Nov '11, 18:32) Paulina 1

Hi Nikulas, Yes by being nonjudgemental of others and by seeng good in others we bring peace upon ourselves. Seeng good in others comes from love and the more love we give the more love we will attract. Happy loving.


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Good question! Yes, in my experience, in order to stay positive, it was necessary to stop criticizing others. I used to do that at work sometimes. I just decided to stop, and you know, it was liberating to not think about the appearance or behavior of others anymore. My work associates would still try to pull me into making comments about others or listening to theirs, but this fell away in time (when they realized I wouldn't participate). Staying within the vortex means not being mean, petty or judgmental. And it really worked for me! Across the board, I felt happier, got along better with others, felt more free, had better success at work, and etc. Best wishes!


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Good for you LeeAnn not judging brings peace into ones life.

(05 Nov '11, 18:29) Paulina 1

Most people dont want to be with someone who is bitter and critical so engaging with that critical voice will help you in that way. As for it helping you manifest anything depends whether you believe that you have control over the outside world with the power of your thoughts. A simpler way is to go on a dating site.


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Alan Crabbe

I really don't think so....I know Abraham is really big on "feel good" and everything will come to you, but recently I re-evaluated this idea, and came to realize that as a manifesting tool it is really weak and ineffective. Bottom line? Put your attention on what you want, period. Take your attention off of what you don't want, period. If you look at the problem areas of your life, as in not getting what you want, I think you will see how you give tons of attention to the very thing you don't want. Start deliberately putting your thoughts and attention on what you do want, 24/7, and you will see results.


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