I believed that we could manifest anything we want into our lives but two weeks ago I asked a LOA coach if I could manifest my dream lover. The answer was simple but left me with no hopes about my future relationship. She said that I could manifest that person through the "soulmate wish list" by writing in a paper all the qualities and flaws I desire in a partner but stick with real life examples. The problem is that I haven't seen examples of what I want and now I'm starting to think I'm asking for too much but at the same time I'm confused since the LOA says we can manifest our wildest dreams as long as we want to.

I'm studying screenwriting right now with the intention of writing Korean dramas. I don't know if you have ever watched them but everyone says they are unrealistic but that's exactly the kind of relationship and partner I want. I'm not talking about the fancy cars, houses, clothes or any of those material things, I'm talking about their personalities and what they do for the main girls before and after they fall in love.

I've seen some similar relationships in real life from the actors that portray those roles but then again they might be under the influence of their own jobs and characters. Some people have told me before that I'm similar to the main girls (characters) of some of those dramas (maybe because I've been watching them for so long) but I've never seen a guy like that before and believe me I searched for him in everyone I met...

Now I feel really depressed because I've been waiting my whole life to find someone like that and if I can't it's gonna break my heart because it's the thing I desire the most in this life....

***ONCE AGAIN I want to manifest a guy with that kind of PERSONALITY and INNER BEAUTY! NOT HOT guys or POPULAR guys or RICH guys or whatever...I just want a guy with a similar view of the world as the characters of those type of shows!

Oh and by the way, just because some TV shows are unrealistic it doesn't mean that every single one is, I've seen quite a few that aren't and can find many similarities between the characters and people I know. I'm insecure about Korean dramas because like I said this is my most desired dream.!

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Certainly you can.

Are you being like the drama actress?

I guess she doesn't "want" an actor like you do. Does she?

(31 Jan '13, 05:23) Gumnaam

Mmm. Korean media is just fantastic. =)

(29 Mar '13, 00:38) Snow
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Yes, and i will keep this simple.

1.Forget the wishlist thing.

2.Decide that you want your perfect mate.

3.Allow Source to look after the details and the person,your higher dimensional self already knows who this partner is, hence no need for the wishlist.

4.Do whatever you can ( and this may mean absolutely nothing) to lower any excess importance or dependance on the outcome. After all , its already done.

Thats it.

It works, ive done it.So can you.


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Can you grill hamburgers under water? you say "No ursixx are you crazy!" But you have probably seen it done on tv many times and never real thought that much about it! alt text The actors on a show are just like Spongebob they are characters not real people. Living made up lives . Grilling hamburgers underwater. The are heavily made up and stylized.Now angel21 stop looking and just expect that you are going to find this person.. I would say though don't worry about the looks of a person.. What you are looking for is a person that is going to make you feel a certain way.
Read some of the answers here on Judgement,click on the tags button on the top of this page.
A quote that always helps me when I start to be judgmental :

“Once you label me you negate me.” ― Søren Kierkegaard
"일단 당신이 날을 백지화 나 레이블을 붙입니다." - 소렌 키에르 케고르


P.S. I hope the translation is understandible.


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Yes this translation is understandable. I still don't get what Babe has to do with it.

(29 Mar '13, 00:11) ele

there may be better use of
creative energy than
in the unrealistic since
choices become what you are


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If you believe that you are asking for "too much" then you won't get what your heart desires. Affirm that you are asking for "just enough or something better." Too many times it is our thoughts, beliefs and fears that limit us from manifesting our soulmate...or anything for that matter.

Why do you care that the kind of relationship you desire is seen as "unrealistic" by most people? You are the one desiring it. People think all dreamers are crazy. If that were the case we wouldn't have airplanes or landed on the moon.

Let go of the wishlist. If you must make a list, write a list of what you want to GIVE/SHARE with your soulmate. Let the universe do the shopping for you, not your Ego.


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You absolutely can! I did :)

When I was trying to manifest my current relationship, my LOA coach told me to look for real-life examples of what I wanted. I couldn't think of anyone that had a relationship I wanted - even with the healthiest relationships I knew, there was an amount of "settling" - not as much attraction between the two people as I wanted in my relationship. I wanted to think of my guy as the most attractive man in the UNIVERSE, not just "well he has a great personality and we are compatible, and he's kinda cute as well". No, I wanted GREAT compatibility and TONS of attraction.

So then my coach told me to look for examples in TV and films. That was difficult too (too many narratives thrive on conflict and unhealthy relationships). Finally I found a relationship I wanted to emulate. Friday Night Lights is a TV series about a small-town American football team, and two of the main protagonists are a married couple. They are crazy attracted to each other after decades of marriage, the best of friends, and even though they have conflict (it would be boring TV without), they always resolve it in loving and mature ways. So I decided I wanted a relationship like THAT.

And guess what, I got it! It took a few years to manifest, primarily because I had a lot of resistance and limiting beliefs to work on. But I've now been with my partner for five years, and we are SO compatible, I think he is the HOTTEST guy I've ever known, and our relationship has been so smooth and easy compared to most other relationships (and the conflicts we have had have only helped us grow as individuals and a couple, so I count the "flaws" as good aspects of our relationship as well).

Many people - especially those who aren't conscious creators - settle for "good enough" relationships, and that's why they don't have the relationships of their dreams. I commend you for not doing that, and I encourage you to keep aiming high :)


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I think you know exactly what you want. Can you describe the "the personal[y] and what [he] do[es] for the main girl before and after [he] fall[s] in love"? If you are able to write this description, that's all you need. (Well, you don't even need to write anything down, because you have that desire within you). What you need to do is have faith that it will happen. How? Forget about your desire completely. More importantly, stop doubting, asking questions, giving mental attention to whether it will come or not. The latter is what is holding everything back.


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