This is something a close friend and I have pondered...your feedback is greatly appreciated...

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I think of my spirituality, not so much as something that I need to focus on to make it grow (for it is already all-powerful), but as something that I need to protect from debris. When your mind is joyful and free of negative attitudes and erroneous beliefs, your spirituality shines through like a bright light. It is not unlike a kerosene lamp that grows dark because the glass gets covered with soot. You have to clean the glass periodically, and the lamp becomes bright again.

Being in love can be an opportunity for this kind of housecleaning. There is nothing like an intimate relationship with someone to highlight our strengths and weaknesses as a person. Increased awareness of who we are brings with it the opportunity to polish the things we like about ourselves, and change the things we don't like.


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Totally enlightening and received!

Thank you Vesuvius!

(16 Aug '10, 21:56) figure8shape

Isn't the love you have for your partner an entirely spiritual thing? I would have thought being truly in love was about the most spiritual thing imaginable. If you're living and acting in love YOU ARE focusing on TRUE spirituality. Maybe we sometimes confuse what is and isn't spiritual. I probably do that a lot!



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Monty Riviera

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Yes, the love is spiritual if it's purely unconditional and you're not loving someone for fulfillment, because then it's not true love. I don't think you're too confused - you seem to have quite a good take on spirituality:)

(08 Sep '10, 16:52) Michaela

Thanks learning

(08 Sep '10, 17:24) Monty Riviera

When I thought I was in love, yes it did take me away from most things. At those times time had no meaning and it could pass by without notice, so my friends would say "where have you been?" When she left to go back home and I came back to "my world" which was spiritually based, I wrote a lot then on many spiritual topics very clear flowing writing. But every time together that would be interrupted because my thought was on her and I mostly.

This was like this a number of years until she left me for good and moved away to another state.


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Wade Casaldi

I just know (or have some underlying belief) that when I'm in love or having feelings of love I tend to write "extra" well, be more creative (than I already am) and things seem to be so beautiful (more than they already are)...maybe it's my perception...I recognize it this way as the feeling hasn't happened often (to me) in life, but the few times it has, I've had the aforementioned experiences and feelings.

Thanks Wade!

(16 Aug '10, 21:55) figure8shape

You're very welcomed, I am glad to be of help. :-)

(19 Aug '10, 08:38) Wade Casaldi

For me true spirituality is how we show up in our everyday lives.We can incorporate spiritual practices, like meditation, into our daily routine to enhance our spiritual growth. However, it is really how we interact and show up for those we interact with, on a daily basis, that shows how much we are growing and evolving spiritually.

When one is caught up in those first throes of romantic love, we tend to look at everything through rose tinted glasses and the object of our attention ( our romantic partner ) becomes the main focus of our attention and our spiritual growth may take a backseat for a while. Only time will tell if the love is real and enduring or if it wanes but those who have consciously maintained their spiritual growth throughout will move on a lot quicker and with a lot less pain if the romance doesn't last because they will have realized why it wasn't working and will be ok with that. If it does endure they will have a wonderful relationship because they have stayed spiritually aware of both their and their partner's needs and they can only have attracted someone who is vibrating at the same frequency.


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