I've seen a few posts lately that conclude Darryl Anka is faking the Bashar thing.

I'm very surprised. I've listened to perhaps 40-50 sessions and I can conclude either he's 100% real or I've lost all my reasoning capabilities.

What do you think of Seth, Abraham and the rest?

Just one thing about Bashar: if Darryl Anka wanted to make money, he, for sure, would have found 100 ways to do more money with less effort, for the Bashar personality is way too quick and witty, which means he's very smart, at least.

And please share the reasons why you think he's fake/real.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I don't feel I want to think of validating one man's act...and 6 billions of others at all.

If he's real, he's real. If he's fake, he's fake. It's all the same to me. Joke doesn't have to be real to be funny, and I just care to laugh.

(20 May '13, 09:49) CalonLan

@CalonLan. as always, u are so perfectly correct brother, love u.

(20 May '13, 17:37) TReb Bor yit-NE

Stingray's answer is pretty perfect for this. I'm an extremely talented extemporaneous speaker. Yet to be able to sit down and speak of something I've never seen or experienced clearly and coherently without contradicting myself while still making sense.. Even the best extemporaneous speakers would have extreme difficulties with this. There reaches a tipping point where the disbelievers require even more faith than the believers, where you draw your line doesn't matter, the truth will always win

(21 May '13, 14:55) Snow

@Snow, when you understand the essence of life, you can talk about any topic related to it without ever hearing about the topic itself. For all topics stem from the very same essence.

You look at topic and try to understand it. A wise person understands first then look at any topic. If you can look past things you see and see more than meets the eye, you will understand too.

(21 May '13, 16:53) CalonLan

i think you would need to go by his congruence... in india there are lots of fake babas & gurus trying to make money. So this field does have quacks. But Bashar for sure seem way too congruent and his answers are so pristine and truthful that its hard to imagine even if someone is the greatest public speaker and improvisationist to actually swindle people in broad daylight if you will... lol

(22 May '13, 19:05) abrahamloa

in this case even if by 0.001% chance he is fake, there is still only upside to listening to him and applying what he teaches.

(22 May '13, 19:06) abrahamloa
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I do wonder if those people who make accusations of fakery have ever done any public speaking.

From my own experiences, it's difficult enough to stand in front of reasonably-sized audiences with pre-prepared presentations.

But now to stand in front of them for hour after hour, week after week, year after year, and improvise quality answer after quality answer...well, it just seems completely absurd to me that such a thing could be faked.

Remember that this is not just about talking aimlessly about random subjects but about giving answers that make sense to people who are asking questions on-the-spot. And those answers also need to make sense to everyone else in the audience and you need to do all of this fluently without endlessly repeating the same words and phrases and litter them with ad-hoc jokes and analogies.

And then you also have to deal with people like myself (and others) poring meticulously over recordings of each session afterwards looking for inconsistencies in what you are saying :)

Here's my simple challenge...

...if anyone thinks that these public Q&A sessions are faked, just record yourself talking non-stop with a webcam for an hour (about whatever subjects you want, even alone in the privacy and calm of your own home) and then upload it to IQ for our amusement...because I can promise you that it will be amusing :)


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Exactly, the improvisation and making sense in every bit, not contradicting himself in hours and hours of previously recorded sessions. Quick and witty and always to the point. A world of knowledge in every topic. And the predictions, the solar flares, the japanesse nuclear meltdown... These entities have a clarity of mind and intelligence beyond the wisest philosophers, and I've read a few, for in the past I was looking for answers in them. Thanks Stingray.

(20 May '13, 03:49) Notgonnatellyou

If someone posed the question " is Stingray a chaneled entity " i could cut and paste most of your answer. From my perspective i read your answers and wish to God i could communicate and do what you do. I try, but when i read my answers there so far from what i really meant to say.Why is this? well im fairly sure your human.BUT youve got a gift and youve honed and perfected it and put focus and effort into this. Youve managed to communicate Esters teaching better than she can.

(20 May '13, 05:28) Monty Riviera

This doesnt mean your being helped by any entity. You, Ester,Darryl and the hundreds of other spiritual seekers and sharers are talented multi dimensional beings who have exploited who and what they are. Daryll doesnt need an ET to do what he does ( and i'll agree its mindblowing) any more than you do to do what you do, and thats pretty mindblowing too. Many view you as you view Darryl/Bashar.

(20 May '13, 05:31) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera - "i read your answers and wish to God i could communicate and do what you do" - I think it's worth bearing in mind that my own insights shared on IQ haven't come for free. It's trendy these days to quote Malcolm Gladwell saying it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outliers_(book) - but I went past that time investment in these manifesting ideas a long, long, long time ago. And being of a suspicious nature (Scorpio ascendant)...

(20 May '13, 05:55) Stingray

@Monty Riviera - ...I'm always looking for that tiny inconsistency, either in my own life or in the teachings I listen to, that will cause the whole manifesting "house of cards" to come tumbling down...though I haven't found it yet :) And the more I study these ideas, the more I realize I have only scratched the surface. So if you're viewing my postings on IQ as being on the same level as Abraham/Bashar then that's really just an illusion :) Perhaps that's why it's easier for me to...

(20 May '13, 06:02) Stingray

Im with you there Stingray. As i said " Youve honed and perfected it and put focus and effort into this" Im sure if others put the time in there results would be better. Im under no delusions Stingray, i dont think youve had a quick scan thru "Ask and it is given" and then gone on to come up with the answers you do in 5 minutes!

(20 May '13, 06:05) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera - ...acknowledge "channeled information" because it obviously (obvious to me, at least) flows so easily and effortlessly for the channelers. My skeptical side is still unsure about the ET aspects of what Bashar says because I can't test it in my own life yet, but I'm willing to be open-minded (for now) because the rest of those teachings ("follow your excitement") work so well in my own life.

(20 May '13, 06:06) Stingray

I agree, im prepared to overlook the sceptiscism and actually focus on what hes actually teaching. After all, ive been studying the Bible for i guess approx 14000 hrs ( i made a very rough calculation) And honestly i dont know exactly where it was written, exactly when it was written, exactly who wrote it and ive never even seen the 400 year old manuscipts never mind the originals! But i reach for what presses my buttons!

(20 May '13, 06:29) Monty Riviera

But like youself the theory is fairly meaningless, it only becomes meaningfull to me when i can test and experience it. It then in my mind and heart passes from theory into my reality. And i dont really give a toss where it comes from. Its workability ,practicality and " results" are what gets my attention. Results more than anything draw me closer to an idea or teaching.

(20 May '13, 06:34) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera I believe you can test it and experience it. I've done so myself. Even before listening to Bashar, I've been doing what he suggested long before. It just adds some assurance and clarity to what I'm doing. So in that way it serves me.

(20 May '13, 13:19) iqjim

@stingray. i think u r absolutly correct brother, LOve u bro

(20 May '13, 17:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

@stingray.. lol. I have recorded myself in the middle of my house calmly and the result was the Rob & George show. ALthough it is great, it still is not the same as Trebs work lol, and Treb is great but not nearly as articulate as Bashar, i know allot of it is connection and whatnot, but still funny u said that lol.. here is the proof lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEpjGU0IYLE

(21 May '13, 11:46) TReb Bor yit-NE
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The entity known as Bashar could very well be fake, he could also be very real, but in the end, does it really matter anyway? It doesn't matter one lick to me.

I went back and forth with uncertainty regarding the validity of channeled information for the first few years when I started listening to different entities/consciousnesses.

I still had the conditioning of the world and people around me whispering silently in my ear that this was bad and so far out there and could never in a million years be true, that it was so hard for me to just feel one way or another after listening or watching a video.

I would feel great and hopeful after absorbing the information, but then I would endlessly question if it was true or if I was being tricked by a human or an alien intelligence a whole lot smarter than me.

Today, in the here and now, I really don't even think about the possibility of doubt when it comes to channeled information that I enjoy listening to. I don't even care if Bashar is not really an ET. All I care about is the information and how it does or doesn't affect my life.

I do think that the ET known as Bashar is a real living and breathing humanoid being but at the same time, if Darryl Anka is a complete and utter con-man and this whole thing is just a big sham, I still love his work and would thank him for sharing it.

I have gained so much knowledge and understanding from him/Bashar, and I really do not give crap what's fake, real, alien, human, robotic, or someone that may be considered psychotic. I have used the information and know that it works in my life and that is all the proof that I need.

We human beings can go back and forth all day everyday about who is right and who is wrong and who does and doesn't have it all figured out. The only thing that matters in life is our vibratory state of being. Everything else that we perceive as being "out there" is everyone else's business.

I'm very surprised. I've listened to perhaps 40-50 sessions and I can conclude either he's 100% real or I've lost all my reasoning capabilities.

Don't be surprised. There are many many different opinions and viewpoints on this planet and it wouldn't really be all that fun anyway if we all agreed on the same things. If you feel that he is 100% real then follow your gut instincts (or in other words vibrational attraction) and let everyone else have their own experience. Maybe next week you will find enough evidence for yourself that he is 100% fake and that is fine too.

It really is all about how you feel. Listen to the information and just ask yourself during, or after, how does this make me feel? Usually that answer or thought you get will lead you in the direction that (you as an individual) prefer to go in.

As I mentioned above, I believe that Bashar the alien is completely real in every way. I never in my life saw such valuable information come so quickly, so detailed, and yet so easily to understand. Plus, I just get to decide that he really is an ET sitting in a spaceship (at whatever distance he prefers:) because that is the reality I decide to vibrate in:)

If Darryl is putting on a show, I commend him because he does a kick ass job of sharing excellent and usable information.

Remember, everyone and everything you perceive as being "outside of you" is in your own unique consciousness. You get to decide what you focus on, which then leads to the version of the people and the events that you experience. Decide right now which version of Darryl Anka/Bashar that you most prefer to experience and let everyone else have their own preferred experience as well.


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yes @Cory that's all that really matters for me too, "use the info and know that it works in my life" ... i love him for that :)

(20 May '13, 12:51) ru bis

@Cory, agreed 100%. I am also reminded of abusive, hypocritical "spiritual Gurus" who may nonetheless have impeccable training, background, and lineage. This is another instance where (perhaps conversely!) "looking beyond source to the information" pays off. People who leave abusive, negative "cults" always mention how they felt uneasy about the whole thing for a long time (due to things that were said, information being imparted, etc.) before they left, but...

(20 May '13, 16:03) lozenge123

... they stayed there because they were convinced that "the Guru must be right." If you only follow teachings and information that resonate in a positive way, then it should be easy to avoid those sorts.

(20 May '13, 16:06) lozenge123

Just read on his website that Daryll himself isnt too bothered if people thing Bashar comes from his own consciousness! Hes cool with that. As long as people get some benefit. Nice attitude.

(21 May '13, 01:56) Monty Riviera
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This channeled stuff is pretty new to me. But I've been into self improvement (products) for more than a decade. And I tried many things that so called "gurus" suggested to improve one's life.

I spent hours and hours testing many ideas in my own life. Some of them did work. Most of them didn't. I was also a huge Anthony Robbins fan. And one important thing I learned from him is that it doesn't matter what you learn to improve your life...as long as it brings tangible results.

This message was huge for me at first. I realized that I spent a lot of time learning things that I don't need at all. Almost at the same I was studying philosophy at university. I dropped it immediately because I realized that all that philosophy I studied was bullshit. What kind of tangible results could I get from it? Though I find it still interesting at times, I think studying abstract theories is a waste of time from a self improvement point of view (if you can't transform them into practical tools that bring tangible results).

And because I believe in my own tangible results only, it doesn't really matter to me what Bashar is or why Esther Hicks is so fat and gives weight loss seminars... or why Jerry Hicks died from cancer going through useless chemotherapy... or why Darrly Anka and Esther Hicks have a scarcity mindset and adhere to copyright laws.

The only thing I know is that

  1. some of Bashar's stuff works for me in a tangible, measurable way.
  2. almost all of Abraham's stuff works for me in a tangible, measurable way.

I quote myself:

I think all of this "Is Bashar (or some channeled teacher) a fraud or not?"-discussion becomes irrelevant if you just put the teachings to test in "real life" in a very specific time frame. I often listen to new ideas no matter the source. Then I decide if the information and the outcome promised is worth investing let's say 10 hours. If the answer is yes, I decide to give it 10h to test it practically in daily life.

If it is something that promises to be a "life changer", I commit to give it a 3 month time frame to test. I don't know why 3 month, but my experience in life is that 3 month is a good time frame to see if something works or not. And even if someone is a fraud to 99,9% of people, does it matter if it helps you change your life in a very specific, positive way?

See also:

I now have doubts about Abraham-Hicks because of a blog posting I found. What should I do?


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Couldnt agree more releaser . What matters is results. Results have credibility.

(20 May '13, 07:48) Monty Riviera


(22 May '13, 07:45) TReb Bor yit-NE

@releaser99 What if I said to you that there are probably people out there who can transform those "impractical philosophies" into something practical/tangible that work for them? And didn't the philosophies you've studied also help you in a tangible way to find your own practical way in the end? So there is value in everything that physical reality provides and one has to go with his or her gut feeling... which functions as a "right-path-finder" anyway. There isn't just one way of doing it.

(19 Jan '14, 08:14) releaser99
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Ok here goes.

I think Bashar is a figment of Darryls very fertile imagination. Why? because i believe EVERYTHING is a product of imagination anyway.

I believe that Bashar comes from Darryls consciousness and is NOT a seperate entity at all. Bashar can only say or do or know what Darryl does.

If he were seperate he could listen and speak thru Darryl in every language on this planet....he cant do this...because Darryl cant do this. Now some would argue that Bashar could lets say pick a Swedish person to channel him and do it this way. But why not just use Darryl?

If Bashar were a seperate entity "using" Darrlys body, then he could speak any language thru him. Some would say that he is using Darryls consciousness and Darryls consciousness can only speak the same languages that Darryl can. I would argue that if he is speaking " from" Darryls consciousness then he "is" Darryl.

I simply dont believe, right down in the core of my being that Bashar is a seperate distinct entity.

Now having said that what do i believe about Darryl?

I think he has wisdom above and beyond many of his peers, hes energetic, charismatic,funny,charming, loveable and talented. He has a deep understanding of spiritual matters and has a gift of communicating this to an audience.

I believe he is an extension of Source or God and contains within him all the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form.

Darryl is a more full, exciting, interesting, fascinating , knowledgeable, funny, Godlike and unique than any made up extra terrestrial could ever be.

He is infinitely more of everything than Bashar could ever be.

And frankly heres the important bit.

If what he shares and teaches makes your existence in this reality just a little bit better,fuller and more enjoyable...then who gives a toss if hes called Bashar or Darryl....

Darryls no fake, "hes" the real deal.


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Monty Riviera

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Interesting Monty. I disagree but fully accept your response, thank you for being open. I think the reason Bashar doesn't speak other languages thru Darryl is that he doesn't send words, but condensed thoughts and Darryl interprets them in words. Darryl has also mentioned that Bashar has come thru a japanesse woman a couple of times as well, the message and the personality and energy being the same. Could you elaborate on your take in another channeled entities? Like Abraham, Seth, Treb, etc?

(20 May '13, 03:45) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou - The Japanese woman who has channeled Bashar (in Japanese) is Ayako Sekino

(20 May '13, 03:56) Stingray

@Stingray Thanks, I just looked a bit but didn't find the Bashar channeling, perhaps there's no recording of it.

(20 May '13, 04:12) Notgonnatellyou

Abraham,Seth Treb are the same. For that matter i think this about the various people who wrote the Bible and the Koran. Im not taking away anything from them, but to suggest that "were" not clever, insightfull or spiritually aware enough to come out with this type of information or teaching denies humanities Godhood and Deity. Rob,Ester and Darryl have enough credibility with me as part of the God thats all that is. There enough for me.I believe "in them".

(20 May '13, 04:31) Monty Riviera

I agree monty rirviera, that they are getting some great information out to us from source/God. I can accept that this could be communication with non physical beings who are a part of all that is.

In any case I learn so much from what bashar shares, I wish there was a book to read of all his wisdom. something I could get on a reader book.

(20 May '13, 05:56) clearheart

Someone sent me a link a while ago clearheart with his stuff sort of condensed into something you could read fairly easily. Sort of bullet points if you like. I enjoyed reading this and also often listen to him on U tube. I love his teaching and find him very credible.

(20 May '13, 06:09) Monty Riviera

someone say a swedish channeler ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NFc8pUwpco It's not bashar ...

(20 May '13, 07:17) ursixx

@Notgonnatellyou - I don't think she channels Bashar any more...I think she started in 1987, before homemade video was as accessible as today. Can't immediately find any recordings on the internet but it would be in Japanese anyway :) There's an interview here with her (which I haven't watched yet) with April from Bashar Communications: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifshlqWLMqU

(20 May '13, 07:34) Stingray

Mmmm ...i understand the codensed thought thing....so...could Daryll listen to a question in Russian, obviously he wouldnt understand the question, but Bashar would wouldnt he. So could Bashar then send Daryll a block of condensed thought thus answering the question? Im understanding that Daryll gets condensed thought, and i understand Bashar communicates WITH DARYLL using this. So could Bashar understand the question and give Daryll the answer?

(20 May '13, 08:02) Monty Riviera

So my scenario for removing sceptisicm would be the Russian asking a question, Bashar understanding it, giving Daryll the answer via a block of thoght in English. The interpretor then giving the asker the answer given by Daryll from Bashar in Russian, then the answer being pertinent to the original question.

(20 May '13, 08:16) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera, I kept thinking of a way of asking you this, but in my mind I found no other way of keeping the meaning, understand that I mean it in a joke/innocent way: "So thaaaaaat's where you draw the line?" And what I mean is, you accept that reality doesn't exist but only our experience of it, you accept LoA, but you cannot believe that channeling is possible, or that entities outside this planet exist? LoA is based in the same principle, vibration, as channelling is IMO (matching freq)

(20 May '13, 11:19) Notgonnatellyou

@Monty Riviera "If what he shares and teaches makes your existence in this reality just a little bit better,fuller and more enjoyable...then who gives a toss if hes called Bashar or Darryl...."

Well said Monty. We all get to decide what label we put on this man and or alien being. The information integrated in our life is all that really matters.

(20 May '13, 12:34) Cory

Thats right Notgonnatellyou, i do draw my line at entities outside of humanity. I dont believe in extra terrestrials , i believe theres a multitude of dimensions and that there all occupied by Human beings just like us. I believe in the Elohim, a compound unity made up of many. Thats it really. And i do leave the door open for me to be wrong. Because i believe this doesnt validate it or make it a fact.

(20 May '13, 18:20) Monty Riviera

monty, I listen to bashar on ut also, could you post that link here since it's relevant to this discussion? thanks.

(20 May '13, 22:46) clearheart

@Monty Riviera, thanks for answering. I asked you that way because a few months ago I didn't believe in any of this, but upon reading and listening, and seeing how some events proved the teachings, I became convinced. I don't have conclusive proof that Bashar exists, but for the same reasons Stingray and lozenge shared, I believe he exists. Bashar doesn't read people's energy very often, or at least he doesn't share specifics, but Treb does, in every session, and I can say he knew 3 things..

(21 May '13, 01:10) Notgonnatellyou

(cont).. about me that he had no way to know other than reading my energy. That to me is conclusive proof.

(21 May '13, 01:11) Notgonnatellyou

Im glad Notgonnatellyou that your sure in your own heart and mind that Bashar is genuine and an ET entity. If this makes his work credible, interesting and useable then that sounds entirely satisfactory. I think we now must end the debate and concentrate our efforts in "applying" Bashar or Darylls stuff into our life experiences. The three criteria for credible teachings are 1.Results 2. Results and 3.Results. Enjoy Bashar.

(21 May '13, 01:54) Monty Riviera

completely agree with you @Monty Riviera.

(19 Jan '15, 04:59) Inner Beauty
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People can limit themselves when they label someone or something. They label it, think they know it and then tend not to look any deeper and see the gifts there.

My advice would be to always look beyond the source and see if the information resonates with you. Taking this approach to anything in life will serve you.


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It doesn't matter if he is "fake". Even if "Bashar" is fake, "Darryl" the physical guy speaking the words sure is real, so if you like the words he speak - continue to listen - if not, don't.

I hope the confusion/questions leave your mind and you realize the clarity/perfection already within you.


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I don't think that Bashar is fake. Getting to know Rob awhile back on Skype and in chats and listening to him on Youtube you realize that Rob and Treb are not one in the same. Think of a channeler as a Windows 98 computer, and the channeled entity as a program written for Windows 95 to Windows 8. It does as much as it can with the hardware provided, using the language that is installed on the machine. The capacity of the program exceeds the capacity of the hardware but gets the message out nonetheless. Treb had an explanation about this in one of videos.Maybe Rob could link it.?


answered 20 May '13, 07:34

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@ursixx - Your Windows analogy is a perfect illustration of what I sense in listening to Darryl Anka and Ester Hicks, and in talking with Rob and TReb.

Information apparently comes to them in large "downloads", all at once, to be translated and conveyed to us in an understandable way. I think that must take a fine understanding of human nature and language, and pure, powerful love to accomplish so well. The rush of pure love that comes through when you talk to TReb is almost overwhelming.

(20 May '13, 11:57) Grace

Thank u brother for this great analogy.

(20 May '13, 17:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

There's a funny phenomenon that I've noticed with Bashar...if you listen to only 5 minutes of his material, it seems like he must be a fraud. But if you listen to 50 hours of his material, then it seems that he must be authentic. At least that's been my experience.

The best evidence I have yet come across that he is "for real" is from the following question-and-answer session. To listen to the clip, load the following audio segment, and go about 42 minutes in, to the conversation between Bashar and the older gentleman named "Strawberry", in which Bashar begins sending him "telepathic jolts" of instant information:

Click here to listen

Now, about the authenticity of the above clip. Although I am not an actor, my line of work has brought me the opportunity to train with and intimately observe some true masters of acting and improvisation. I am familiar with the various schools of acting and how the actor's mind works. I know the various approaches, techniques, and tricks of the trade.

To give you an example, true laughter is almost impossible to fake. A trained ear/eye/mind can always discern the difference between "acted" and genuine laughter...even if that "acted laughter" is coming from an expert method actor. Thus to elicit true laughter, filmmakers often have to set up a situation where the actor is completely surprised by something unplanned...then that shot is taken out of context and "implanted" into the scene to give the illusion that the actor was laughing at something actually planned in the scene. An example of "true" laughter would be Jodi Foster in the diner scene in Taxi Driver, laughing at DeNiro's "little piece of chicken" comment. Or Tommy's mother laughing during the kitchen scene in Goodfellas (right before Pesci kisses her on the cheek). When you see "real" laughter in a film, it really stands out.

That said, having listed to the above Bashar clip many times, it is my personal judgment and conclusion that the exchange is, for lack of a better term, "authentic." Meaning not planned, and not acted.

And if Bashar/Darryl Anka does really have the power to send "blocks" of information to another person instantaneously, then it begs the question, why would he lie about the other stuff?

Also, it means that if Bashar is a fake, then the challenges relating to speaking and performance which Stingray has already pointed out, would have to apply to members of Bashar's audience as well. Which means there would have to be a minor conspiracy at work.

At the end of the day, what is more or less likely?

Food for thought.

(By the way, @Notgonnatellyou, although I couldn't un-delete my old question, this info was taken from it).


answered 20 May '13, 15:38

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I had the same experience. Listening to Bashar for 5 minutes.. I didn't give it much thought. But a few months later, I gave it another whirl and I couldn't disagree with anything he said.

I listen to a lot of speeches and presentations and no one comes even close to channelers such as Daryl (Bashar) and Ester (Abraham). The answers to the questions are so instant and so profound and also so helpful. The important thing is are the messages serving you, and to me, they do.

(20 May '13, 17:07) iqjim

@lozenge123, thanks, yeah I remember :)

(21 May '13, 01:07) Notgonnatellyou

I would say he is not faking. As I channel Treb there is so many variables that are in effect. 1st and most is just like Ursixx said It is a hard deal for the entity to express themselves through our dumb brains lol. Secondly, there is also our own vibrations at time of connection which can affect the way the message comes through. When I am in rough mood or bad vibration, it takes a lot longer to neutralize, and if I am feeling rushed or short on time, and connect despite the full vibrational setting as it should be, this can affect the connection process. SO it is hard for others to see this when they do not experience it, so I would really not be able to express proof either way, all I can say, is use ur heart to guide you. If you feel he is fake, does this take away the validity of what he is saying? THIS, and this alone is the TRUE question u must ask urself.

Hope it helped. Love n light,



answered 20 May '13, 17:35

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Who cares if Basher is real or fake?? Not sure what those terms mean anyhow. If what you get from him, or Seth or Abraham or a leaf floating down a stream affects you in a positive way; if it makes you feel good, use it. If it does not, find something, someone else who does make you feel good and follow them.

the bottom line is if it makes you feel good it comes from Source.

When you get a letter from a loved one does it matter which mailman brought it?


answered 18 Jan '14, 15:24

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Dollar Bill

Listen to lots of different channellers and then come back to Bashar and see if it resonates with you in the same way. If so, great - you've used your discernment and come to your own conclusions.

If I feel uncertain about channelling (and it varies quite a bit in tone and quality) I check out how it makes me feel and then I might dowse on it, using a simple quartz pendulum.
Alternatively, I might ask my guides to clearly demonstrate to me the validity of the channelling or not. I then remain open to the signs - the information might come from another source or I might read something in a newspaper that backs it up.

A channeller can appeal to you for a while and then you might move away from them. Does this mean that the channeller is a "fake" or being manipulated by undesirable entities ... possibly, possibly not. You're right to be vigilant though - as above, so below .... you wouldn't trust everyone you came across on the street so apply the same caution to non physical entities.


answered 05 Mar '14, 05:01

Catherine's gravatar image


edited 05 Mar '14, 08:11

Is Bashar real or fake? Do you find joy and resonance in what this hive mind collective entity relays? Or do you find joy and resonance in what debunkers of Darryl Anka and Bashar relay? Or, perhaps, do you find enjoyment in using your discernment to explore both expressions to find a vibrational frequency that is more expansive and open-ended with your own Ever-Unfolding NOW resonance?

The idea of 'real' or 'fake' is subjective and illusory, as anything brought into creativity by the conscious mind - collectively or individually - is a manifestational 'reality' for those who match the vibrational frequency of such resonance, and subsequently behave as though such a 'reality' is true. For example - those who believed the Earth was flat manifested the 'reality' that the world was flat, simply because they behaved as though the world was flat. Like-wise the same can be said of those who have 'bought into' the idea that the world is a sphere, and subsequently behave as though it is. Belief manifests behaviour of that belief, and behaviour manifests one's 'reality'. On the same token, when one genuinely believes in the existence of Bashar as a higher dimensional entity one moves to a frequency that is more in tune with this belief system, giving the belief a higher probability to manifest in one's 'reality'.

In my understanding and experience, Bashar's perspectives and wisdom resonate highly with me - far more than any other 'channelled entity'. However, I am very cognisant that Bashar is withholding information (as it has often indicated), and is such, not a sovereign being - not a being of Free Will. The relay of Bashar's information through its channel is limited and dictated via a Collective Hive Mind Prime Directive and Agreement. It is important to note, as well, that such information relayed is also filtered and interpreted through the channeller's own consciousness, sub consciousness, beliefs, perspective, personality, etc.

Is Bashar an archon, an aeon, a daemon (basically an astral entity attached to a hive mind consciousness or A.I.) or an alternate time line linear 'future' probability coordinate species representative of what some of us in the ever-unfolding NOW moment have shifted to vibrationally-wise? I say yes to all.

I accept that anything is possible, if for no other reason than I do not want in my reality a reality where everything is not possible. As Bashar stated, we are a 'nation of mages'; and indeed we are! And as we are such, we must be very discerning what we choose to 'buy into', Bashar included, for the Astrals are also capable of manifesting much illusion and manipulation, and often do so through via our minds and our powers of imagination and manifestation, via coercion.

For my own part, I have found that tuning in to a certain frequency can be both beneficial and detrimental, if one does not dissect and discern the nature (or vibration) of that frequency in relation to the Bigger Picture. It is for this very reason that I do not remain static in any one frequency. There is much to be learned by tuning into all the frequencies out there. Change the frequency and one changes one's perspective. And perspective is really what 'reality' is all about in this Computation Matrix.

I used to follow certain channelled information but no longer follow any. I considered what was said by these entities through contemplation and by using and always fine-tuning my discernment. Some of the information relayed has been helpful to me, some of it I have found greatly deceiving.

Do I think Darryl Anka is faking channelling this entity? No. Do I think Bashar is what he says he is? No.


answered 29 Jan '14, 23:57

TGunn's gravatar image


edited 22 Jun '15, 21:24

@ TGunn welcome to IQ. Look forward to reading more from your perspective. What do you think about the Seth teachings?

(01 Feb '14, 04:06) ursixx

@ursixx: thank you :o) I find the Seth teachings very enlightening, helpful, fun to read and ponder, and easy to understand.

(01 Feb '14, 16:13) TGunn

@TGunn what is "real"? ... what is "fake"

(23 Jun '15, 00:40) jaz
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its a great question which i definitely don't have real answer. I can only use logic to think he is NOT a fake and is real. Just because the message is true. in his case i listened quite a few hours and everything seems congruous to me. And since there are people who claim to have seen UFOs etc who knows.

interestingly it brought out another topic in me. SCientists say Earth is moving at 300,000 km /hr and rotating at 3000 km/hr. And while i dont doubt them, frankly i dont see it at all. If all the scientists turn around and say Earth is actually stationary and explain some scientific jargon that made them calculate like its moving, i think we would all believe that. So there are so many things we dont know and its almost we can only believe some things that ring true to us at this point in time.


answered 21 May '13, 21:26

abrahamloa's gravatar image


@abrahamloa ... Notgonnatellyou must have doubts about Bashar otherwise he wouldn't have asked this question, if you think it's a great question then you too have doubts ... this question is amusing because we live in a world of belief, what seems fake for one is absolute truth for another ... i believe, lol, that Bashar believes that ET's exist so he's 100% authentic ... the question is rather "do you choose to share Bashar's belief in ET's?

(22 May '13, 02:07) ru bis

I agree with what you say. yes of course i have not seen ET even though i wish i can see one. So i can only in theory and logic agree believe in what Bashar says. Example - i believe in spiritual teachings of letting go and things will happen. I believe this since i did this in my life and i saw how my life changed and saw the truth to it. But when it comes to other entities i have not experienced it. So i cannot for 100% concur with it. Even though i intuit that Bashar may not be lying.

(22 May '13, 18:58) abrahamloa

I believe that Bashar is a fake. He is well read in quantum theory and other sciences. He is a great public speaker and is knowledgeable about the laws of attraction. He is a brilliant entertainer, funny and to the point. These are his beliefs about how the universe works, based on his understanding of physics etc. I think its hilarious how gullible people are, but at the same time, his ideas are of interest to me and a little sci-fi (ish) but fun to listen to. But I believe he gets his material from both physics and philosophy and spiritual concepts. Like his idea on over souls, was coined by Emerson in 1841.

At the end of the day Physical theories are nothing more than succinct mathematical approximations of reality. These approximations are in turn limited by the theory's basic Assumptions (which may be stated or unstated). Unfortunately, these limiting, fundamental assumptions upon which much of physics depends are not always inclusive of the diversity of physical reality. Assumptions are clearly a fundamental aspect of what physicists like to call "The Laws of Physics", but all too often the assumptions are not stated explicitly with the law. This omission often results in a misinterpretation of the law, or a faulty assumption as to the applicability of the law in certain cases. The Laws of Thermodynamics are a noteworthy case in point, as are the Assumptions of Classical Mechanics.


answered 17 Jan '14, 15:16

hummmm's gravatar image



" Like his idea on over souls, was coined by Emerson in 1841." - It's not the same. Emerson's "Over-soul" was the equivalent of the Atman, anima mundi, i.e. the soul of the entire universe. Bashar's oversoul is something else entirely, and has more in common with the idea put forth by Seth (another channeled entity).

(17 Jan '14, 18:31) lozenge123

Another Channeled entity? We can all bend the truths of certain concepts to make our 'stories' more believable, or to suit our passionate beliefs - and we can see that Daryl is passionate about physics/law of attraction, it would seem. What 'Bashar' talks about is out there, that knowledge surrounds us and have been so for hundreds of years, its not that its 'alien' to us. LOL (pun intended). All bashar is doing is spreading his joy

(18 Jan '14, 12:18) hummmm

talking about his passions and brainwashing people into believing what he believes.how bad.

(18 Jan '14, 12:18) hummmm

And its clear from his followers that they are really trying. People want to be happy, they want to believe that their loved ones, that have passed away, are in a better place, and that one day they will see them again, they want to be comfortable and so on. So they seek people like 'Bashar' in the hope that he will offer them some advice on how to bring about change to their lives.

(18 Jan '14, 12:19) hummmm

People have done this down through the ages, mystical thinking has always been around. This is good entertainment, if anything, but that's as far as it goes. However, it may help people who have turned their back on Religion to have faith in another metaphysical belief. And if this works for them, then its great! Would hate to see vulnerable people being used for profit.(which you know as well as me, does happen). Apologies for all these texts, ran out of character space. lol

(18 Jan '14, 12:19) hummmm

An even more interesting question might be, why would someone go on a website which expressed purpose is the exploration of spirituality and mysticism, and then proclaim those who entertain such ideas delusional? What sort of needs and desire would drive someone to do such a thing? :)

(18 Jan '14, 14:30) lozenge123

ha ha! I did not say that I didn't share a belief in spiritualism! I came here to answer the question posed. And I believe that 'Bashar' is not authentic. What would he be if it weren't for gullible people? eh! If he brings purpose to your life, then enjoy. But in all fairness, I too have much of a right to my beliefs, as you are to yours. But if you were using your intuition, you'd know he was a charlatan!tee hee I bid you gud day! THANK YOU! LOL

(18 Jan '14, 15:38) hummmm

who came up with the name Bashar? Its Arabic isn't it? And by the way, im not here to CHANGE your Beliefs, or anyone's for that matter. If he makes people feel good, then he is doing something right.

(18 Jan '14, 15:42) hummmm

@hummmm - "But in all fairness, I too have much of a right to my beliefs" No worries on that front. I couldn't impose on your belief system no matter how much I desired to. Ample proof of that: several pieces of compelling evidence were presented above by others (attesting to the validity of channelled information), which had no effect on you at all. Truly, if that is the case, then nothing that I or anyone else can say can impose on your belief system if you don't wish it. :)

(20 Jan '14, 15:49) lozenge123

Yes, that's very true. And it has more to do with just my beliefs. You know I came across numerous studies indicating that 'channeling' was a farce? Its how I feel, its like an inner knowing.

(21 Jan '14, 08:29) hummmm

Saying that, I too came across several books that would indicate that 'Aliens' and 'modern day angels' have a specific agenda, that is, to turn people away from god and religion, to form a new world view or religion, without god- which 'alters consciousness' and destroys human life as we know it. There is AMPLE evidence to suggest that's happening too! Abductees, have emphasize the point that aliens dont have hearts or souls, so cant teach compassion? because they cant feel? which is true.

(21 Jan '14, 08:32) hummmm

As it stands, people are turning away, from what the scripters have describe as god. And entering this new world of 'altering consciousness'. It states in one book, that these 'channellers' are telling people that 'we are all god' 'we are all the one' - 'we were told, or made to believe something else'. In the bible is states, we are in 'unity with god'. I dont assign to any religion. I like Buddha philosophy, I love compassion. So stuff like that does make you think. What is really happening.

(21 Jan '14, 08:37) hummmm

So my inner knowing could be pertaining to that. LOLOLOL Oh Lord, I'm beginning to think that i have too much times on my hands. Lovely chatting to you by the way! Have a wonderful day or night! :)

(21 Jan '14, 08:43) hummmm

and just one more thing. We can all be mislead, so whats stated above isn't really evidence. Its subjective, people will say anything to back their beliefs, even lie, as you know. Or, they could actually believe just by assigning power to someone, they can plant that seed that makes us believe in something that's a mere illusion. We can all be tricked, if we couldn't, illusions wouldn't work for us.

(21 Jan '14, 08:51) hummmm

Illusions are fascinating, but aren't real, yet we perceive them to be real. So in that sense, they are not lying, just brain washed, if you like. Right im done! Again, apologies for all these texts..its a fascinating topic! LOL

(21 Jan '14, 08:52) hummmm

@hummmm it would be real interesting to see someone say the things you say to a channeler and hear their response ? How about it @ tre-bor-yit-ni ;-)

(21 Jan '14, 15:19) ursixx

whats that?

(21 Jan '14, 18:32) hummmm

Do you honestly think they would give an honest answer?

(21 Jan '14, 18:33) hummmm
(21 Jan '14, 19:38) ursixx

@hummmm - Yes, definitely. Ask @Treb anything at all, you will get an honest answer. I don't think he knows any other kind, come to think of it. :)

(22 Jan '14, 12:22) Grace
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Mediumship is real. It would helpful for people to understand the mechanics of the process. What is it and how it works. I knew a medium in Arizona who told me that whenever he heard the word "channeling" he thought of sewage canals. People should not be so gullible and take someones word that they are genuinely channeling information from an external source. There is a fine line between a genuine psychic impression and the imagination. I have encountered many sincere people who are completely deluded. And there are many like Bashar who are completely phony. With any level of spirit control the medium's mind is involved. Most automatic speaking involves a lighter level of trance with the medium's consciousness involved in the process. It could be 80% the medium and 20% the communicating personality. The less of the medium and the more of the spirit communicator the better but the medium's mind is still involved. Always test the medium and test the spirit world. Fake accents and silly antics have nothing to do with communication with the spirit world.


answered 18 Jan '15, 18:40

bhakti's gravatar image


@bhakti An expert on communicating with the "spirit world", such as yourself, would certainly understand the difference between a medium and a channel. The "mechanics" of channeling are much more complex, and is one that requires a unique relationship between the channel and the personality being channeled. In AI terms, you could say that channeling is proprietary in nature whereas "mediumship" is more of an open source experience.

(18 Jan '15, 23:50) i4cim2b

For a better explanation, I suggest you take the time to actually listen to Bashar before making judgements. I am certain that they will "ace" whatever test you can possibly come up with. You will, however, have to pay more attention to the information being channeled rather than allowing yourself to be prejudiced by accents, antics, and anything else that you do not understand about the intricate mechanics involved with channeling. That will require some degree of humility on your part.

(19 Jan '15, 00:17) i4cim2b

I have listened to Bashar. He is not genuine, but believe what you want. He is not in even a lighter altered state of consciousness and nobody is operating through him. Always test. Don't be gullible. You have intelligence and the power of discernment. This is not how channeling works. This is not even good acting.

(19 Jan '15, 03:19) bhakti

@bhakti I'm just curious how you ended up on this page/website/question, and even took the effort to make an account just to post this. Would you mind sharing ?

(19 Jan '15, 09:19) kakaboo

I think that this site is really awesome kakaboo. I really appreciate it when people seek answers outside the mainstream and go within. Since I specialize in channeling I couldn't resist putting in my two cents as I think education is essential. Plus I don't like to see people cheated. Too many people don't understand the process and don't question the claims of others.

(19 Jan '15, 14:33) bhakti

@bhakti - Well, I'll give you an upvote even if no-one else here does :) I'm always fascinated to hear a point of view that I've never heard before. It seems fairly run-of-the-mill for this website to get the hardened materialists or religious zealots doing their run-of-the-mill attacks against various channellers. But for one that "specializes in channeling" to so confidently dismiss the channelling experiences of others, well, that's a little different :) I look forward to being educated :)

(19 Jan '15, 16:28) Stingray

@bhakti I have been exploring and researching the nature of reality and all other metaphysical subjects for nearly 35 years and am long past the "gullibility" phase. One of the best tests of any information concerning the activities of non-physical beings is to compare and contrast that information with other sources independent of each other over a period of time. If channeling is your "specialty" then you would know that the information coming from Bashar is quite in sync with other...

(19 Jan '15, 16:35) i4cim2b

well regarded channels such as Seth for example. Do you find the Seth material to be bogus as well? How about Abraham? Are you as familiar with their work as you claim to be about Bashar?

(19 Jan '15, 16:38) i4cim2b

@bhakti I asked that question because I think you found this question by searching for whether bashar is fake or something along those lines (I may be wrong of course) . its as though you might be searching for reasons to justify that your idea of 'chaneling' is the most correct one. That would be interesting if that is really the case but of course I may be wrong to assume that

(19 Jan '15, 18:59) kakaboo

I have to evaluate students all the time so I am have to say things as I see it. Take it or leave it. I don't think it is a good thing to criticize other channels but when delusion or worse yet fraud is being passed off as genuine then I have to call a spade a spade.

(19 Jan '15, 23:15) bhakti
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I've watched a ton of Bashar on youtube. All I can say is that He doesn't give harmful advice, he's not a cult leader, He doesn't demand people to believe anything he says. He seems to give good answers straight away without hesitation. He doesn't demand money. I don't know why it's so important to some people to prove this guy is fake.

I don't know if Bashar is real, but I believe Darryl is not faking his own experience. It could be something different in reality, like a "hidden part of his mind" or something, I think even Darryl has said that in an interview.

And yeah, an alien speaking through a man, giving spiritual advice. Sounds pretty weird, but then again the world is a pretty strange place. Maybe some day we'll all know for sure.


answered 19 Jan '15, 12:32

33sync's gravatar image


@33sync there wouldn't be so much skepticism over bashar if he really didn't demand money. But the tickets for his seminars and private sessions aren't exactly cheap and he also takes down free uploads on YouTube etc by other people.

(19 Jan '15, 18:54) kakaboo

I think there's nothing wrong with getting paid for what you do. Still it's everybody's personal choice to pay for seminars and other stuff, or not. I'd compare it to the situation that musicians and bands have today. People don't buy enough physical copies of albums, because they get everything free from the web. Although the musicians would love to get their stuff heard, illegal sharing is making their job harder. Only way to make a living is to do live gigs and hope people show up and pay.

(20 Jan '15, 04:08) 33sync

i've used two techniques from him to massively improve my life, even if he turned out to be a fake (highly unlikely in my perception), the tools i used were extremely tangible and helpful and i'll use them nonetheless since they're self-oriented. So, does it really matter?


answered 21 Jan '15, 15:32

transparent's gravatar image


@transparent May I know which two techniques and what were they for ?

(21 Jan '15, 17:45) kakaboo

2 questions: "What would i have to believe is true about myself in relation to ___ in order to feel this way?" (my own additions to that is after answering, asking "whose belief is this? is it even my own?" and "is this resourceful to me?" - if the answer is no, drop them and replace with a resourceful belief)

"I feel _, and i feel because i choose to, and i choose to because i believe it serves me - how does it serve me?"

fill in the blank space, answer and you reveal more of yourself :)

(21 Jan '15, 18:45) transparent

Do you think Bashar is a fake? Definition of fake in The Free Dictionary,

                  "Fake; having a false or misleading appearance."

So do "I think" Bashar is a fake? ... it depends which way I look at it :)

Here's a metaphor; looking at the photo of the constellation casseopeia taken by the space telescope hubble I see a beautiful constellation of stars

alt text

Now I swivel it 180° so that it's upside down, in other words I look at it from a different angle

alt text

Observing carefully I can see the appearance of a skull like image ... is the image a "fake"? well no it can't be, it was taken by the very serious space telescope hubble.

Can I perceive a skull like image? well yes I can ... is this a photo of a giant extra-terrestrial? maybe ... now I wonder hmmm is this constellation a strong energy relay? you bet it is!

Now applying this metaphor to Bashar I feel his performances hypnotic ( definition of hypnotic in my trusty dictionary; inducing or tending to induce sleep) ... hmm

Bashar; fake? extra-terrestrial? a human relay for information coming from elsewhere? It certainly feels like it to me.

What really counts is what his teaching bring to me, fake or not? why is the sky blue? who cares, it's just all so beautiful :)


answered 22 Jun '15, 00:28

jaz's gravatar image


edited 22 Jun '15, 02:36

My unbiased opinion. All the key answers (key to prove his authenticity) that Bashar gave are unverifiable. Kind of sentences like "After (final) death is ..." or "When we approach speed of light ...", no man was there. If someone really understands something more than we (he should as such high being), why shouldn't he tell us something, at least one thing we could verify and is absolutely new for mankind.

Test him I developed this simple test: If he connects to Darryl using telepathy, then there on the Earth should be at least one other person to who he can connect too. So let both write the same sentence on the paper so we can compare it and then repeat this test 20 times.

Radical relativism of Protagoras (not related to Bashar himself) I read here some comment as "everyones reality is real", I think that meaning is the same as "everything what someone thinks is true" (radical relativism) however then this sentence should be true but also should be true it's negation if someone else thinks the opposite. So the radical relativism is inconsistent.

Darryl probably constructed Bashar, I think he is a philosopher and his intention is to help people (Startrek also contains good thoughts), his advices are helpful. Nowadays almost no one reads philosophical texts. For basic people, you must construct something supernatural, to make them listen to you.


answered 23 Mar '16, 19:50

sceptic's gravatar image



Hi @sceptic I'd just like to comment on your very first phrase "my unbiased opinion" ... an opinion is generally accepted as being a point of view, a belief, and a belief is a mental act of acceptance without any real evidence of truth, so logically an opinion is always biased :) ... welcome to inward quest

(26 Mar '16, 05:36) jaz

Bashar character is a totally made up crap. The teachings all come from Darryl Anka, with all his Hollywood movie experience and effects for Sci fi movies its no wonder he claims to have seen alien spaceships, that's what he's in to. He's just studied Buddhism and is teaching all the usuall earth logic based new age teachings. The problem I have is he is fraudulently claiming to be in contact with a dead (yes) alien who died in 2013 according to Anka, Bashar race live for 300 of their years, only 30 earth years, yet he's been channeling Bashar(a middle eastern name) G big surprise there, for about 40 years. Also he made a whole lot of worthless predictions that never came true...again big surprise. It all is exactly how you expect a fraude and Charleston to act. If he was just honest about his teachings it would be fine, but all this cookie voice nonsense and big fees to hear him pretend to be Bashar chaneling is absurd bull. He gets a lot of money for it and of course he enjoys doing it. Two huge reasons why he won't stop. Nobody has the brains to actually research this guy or to study Buddhism themselves so are obviously fooled. I don't mean in a bad way, I mean taken in by him, but yes in reality fooled. "Ooooh I am Bashaaaarrrr" LOL. For me the guys a fuxing joke. You are taken in by him the same way a primitive tribesmen would be if Ihe lit a piece of wood with a lighter. You'd think he was doing magic.


answered 10 Oct '23, 14:33

Aeon's gravatar image


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