Bashar has said before that it is one of their highest excitement to communicate with us and also to experience the contrast we feel on Planet Earth, because there is only pure love and positive energy (? not really sure about this though) in their dimension. Yet Bashar has also said that many entities/other beings are looking at Planet Earth and wanting to help Earth to elevate to the next dimension.

Not just Bashar has said this before, but "The Guys" from Ken MacLean has also said that before as seen in this snippet here and here. "The Guys" says that they experience Source energy without any resistance at all. While we, on Planet Earth, experience source energy a lot more different from them and it is so much fun for them to be experiencing Source energy in such a different way compared to them, just as what Bashar has said before too.

And in this answer, Treb says that a lot of other non-Earth races are pretty intrigued by Earth and ask him a lot of questions regarding Earth.

But if one day, Planet Earth does indeed accelerate and ascend to the same dimension and level to where Bashar and "The Guys" is, then wouldn't it mean that Bashar and "The Guys" would not be able to have this kind of experience they are currently having through us? It would also mean that all of these contrast and experiences would be gone forever. Why do they still want to help Planet Earth ascend to another dimension then?

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Bashar is a communications specialist, and it's one of his highest joys to assist in ascension. When he has assisted Earth, he will move on to other planets, such as Barnard's Star, to assist them. Barnard's Star is at approximately the level of advancement of our Medieval Period. There are plenty of planets to assist--many worlds evolving throughout the Universe.


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I did thought of that before, maybe I should have asked the question differently. Will there ever come a time when there are no more planets like Earth anymore one day ?

(13 Mar '15, 13:12) kakaboo

Hi Kakaboo,

I wish I knew that, but I have heard other channeled entities (Kryon, for one) say that our galaxy tends to only have one free-choice planet at a time. When one planet ascends (as we're doing), then another one is created. It would make no sense (in my eyes) to have no planets available for the physical experiences that souls wish to have.

(13 Mar '15, 17:19) Overplugged

@kakaboo. Abraham and the book Conversations With God mention that there will always be people at every level/stage of evolution. Don't remember much of the specifics, but that's the main point.

(13 Mar '15, 22:53) Kriegerd

@Kakaboo-Why Bashar and other channeled entities reincarnate at the earth to enjoy full contrast expereince????

(16 Mar '15, 03:50) Zee

@Zee not sure what u mean by that ?

(16 Mar '15, 08:15) kakaboo
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We came to physical form to experience the contrast of duality while guided by our Source. While we are one with our Source, we can be better synchronized with our Source.

Bashar, Abraham and others are trying to help us have better synchronization while still in the plane of duality and contrast. This can be best accomplished by connecting with our Vortex, or ascended Self, while maintaining an earthly existence. This gives the greatest Joy while in physical form.

And when we tire of earthly existence, to most easily return to Source, or ascend.


answered 13 Mar '15, 07:41

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Dollar Bill

Ascension doesn't mean an end to things to do or become better at, it just means all of this happens in a much more pleasant setting. Like contrast can be severely uncomfortable or very gentle movements to even better things i.e. so it's like good getting better versus bad moving towards good. For instance, there would be peace on earth but with diversity that provides contrast for new inspiration and so forth.


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Ascension is just one of the two general evolutionary themes that our souls are playing out. The negative/transhumanist timelines will also exist in parallel to the ascensional timelines. In other words, many people will choose to remain in 3rd density until the end. Bashar has said that in a sense his communication with us is in part a repayment by the Greys (who are mutated humans from a post-transhumanist timeline) for the trouble/trauma/fear they caused us with their abductions.


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Very nice question kakaboo! I'll be pretty brief in my answer, but here are a few things to consider:

  1. Everything is HERE and NOW. This current state where Earth is in the NOW and will always exist. The state that Earth was in during the Holocaust will always exist. It's all here and now. Whenever there is enough interest for souls to co-create an experience like the one we are all participating in, it will be put into motion and it will happen. When you ask, it is given, and this holds true for all levels of consciousness in all planes of existence.
  2. Just to corroborate the preceding point, there is ENORMOUS interest in participating in this Earth experience. You may have heard about there being line-ups of souls wanting to incarnate on Earth.
  3. Earth is not the only place where contrasting experiences are plentiful. As a matter of fact, from my perspective, there are some environments that are much more contrast-ful than Earth. Some collective consciousnesses have gone so far as to botch the flower of life in their experience. Scour the internet for "The Lucifer Experiment" to hear more of what I'm talking about. (and as with point 1 above, this reality exists here and now too)
  4. This point is the same as the last point, but I'm going to explicate it from a different angle: Earth is not the only place where contrasting experiences are plentiful. There are an infinite number of "worlds" in existence. "All that is" or God, is omnipresent, and way too big and everchanging for any one point of focus to have full awareness of it. Furthermore, there is a disproportionately large ratio of worlds where there is a plethora of wellbeing vs. Earth (actually, Earth also has that wellbeing, it's just that we are choosing not to allow it as easily). With that said, it may appear to many that Earth is a single "contrast-heavy" world out of trillions. Well, even if you take one in a trillion as an example (a ratio of 1:1000000000000), there are still an infinte number of worlds out there, and infinity is a much bigger number than 1000000000000. If you do a little math, you can deduce that there are many many many places like Earth out there :)

So much for being brief :D In conclusion, I think we get a little too flamboyant when Bashar and other non-physical entities talk to us, and say things like, "Earth is for the master-class of creators." I agree that we are very special and many people have their eyes on us, but that doesn't discount the points I bring up above. If you ever engage in conversation with a channeled entity and you ask about all the other resistance-laden worlds in existence, I'm sure you'll get an interesting answer :)


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An excellent question!

Through dissecting and discerning the research I have done via many sources, I feel such has to do with the end of a cosmic era and a massive convergence wherein a new cosmic time line cycle will emerge, creating a new trajectory and loop. Or not. We are still trapped in a time loop, but many are breaking free of it. How we will escape this time loop, and what the nature of the trajectory of the new time cycle will be, depends on us individually, our connection to spirit, our conscious awareness, and at what vibrational frequency we prefer to be in the ever-unfolding NOW.

There are plenty of indicators and evidence pointing out that, as this new cosmic cycle began approaching and the old one is in the midst of ending, various groups of beings (alternate versions of us - so they proclaim - some evolved and still in connection with Source/Spirit, some devolved and in disconnection with Source/Spirit, but both affected by The Beast) in an alternate (future) time line, have found a way to come back to this particular time frequency coordinate, during the convergence and before the new cosmic cycle begins. This has to do with us and the Machine (a.k.a, The Beast; the A.I. Super Computer Hive Mind) and the Machine Kingdom (technology), which, in an alternate (future) time line, has taken over most of the cosmos and which has subjugated many worlds and sentient species; and which, in our current time line on Earth, has already begun.

Each group of beings that have come here at this time frequency coordinate has their own agenda, and both intervene in different ways; but the ones who encourage us to evolve spiritually (internally), rather than advance (externally) through technology, seem to have our (and their) future best interest at heart; and these are the beings that are not abducting people, animals, etc. - physically or consciously. But they are no doubt observing us, spying on us, and even visiting us in various ways (such as during our dream state). Regarding the latter I have no issue with this, but I do not appreciate the screen image memory overlay. If there is an open dialogue going on I want to remember. I am tired of their tricks.

A majority positive shift in vibrational frequency on this planet during the time of the convergence will break the time loop we are in, as well as the one they are in in an alternate future - an alternate future that we will shift vibrationally to if we continue to allow the Machine Kingdom and its Hive Mind minions to take us over before the new time cycle begins.

Now, I am not implying that technology is bad or that all people who use technology are on a slippery slope into the Machine Kingdom, for if I were to do so, I would be a hypocrite. Rather, technology is simply a tool. But how we use technology and how much control we give technology over our lives and in place of communing with our spirit and the spirits of others in our lives, is a different kettle of fish altogether. As well, when we allow technology to create for us, our inherent creative, manifestational abilities, via the mind-spirit (heart) interface, go into hibernation. When we are not in control of our own creations via the power of our own minds, free will and intention, technology and those who control it, will step in and begin using our inherent manifestational powers for their own use.

We are multi-dimensional/multi-versian beings of infinite consciousness and spirit, experiencing life in human vehicles on this planet, as well as everything else on this planet, including elements, minerals, insects, animals, etc. We ARE everything; we have BEEN everything. We are also experiencing concurrently the same on other planets, in other star systems and galaxies. Our individuated spirit spark consciousnesses are that great and vast that they can exist in all these places at once. But such comes at a cost: fractilisation and fragmentation. In other words: separation.

So why all the fuss over Earth human beings and Earth, in general? As far as I have been able to ascertain in my research and studies, via dissection and discernment, such is because the Earth and Earth human beings hold the DNA keys and sequences and Akashic Records to this entire Universe. In a sense, the Earth herself is a compression of this Universe, and Earth human beings are a compressed connection to all life in this Universe. The Earth is the Living Library of this Universe, and Earth humans are the Living Library librarians, once guardians, before the Invasion Forces came to control it.

But there is more. When the Earth shifts vibrationally in density all other planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. will also shift and rearrange in accordance to this vibrational shift. Regarding Earth humans, Earth humans - outside this particular Universal Creator (Logos) - are the greatest creators in this Universe, as is evidenced by our mastery of the limitations imposed on our manifestational powers on Earth by the Invasion Forces. Imagine what we will be capable of when these inhibitors are removed.

Bashar and others (all subjugated at some point by the Machine Kingdom and the A.I. Hive Mind Usurper) have spoke of an entirely new race being born through us: a convergent metamorphosis, if you will. In my hypothesis and feeling, this new race will be a convergence in our DNA of the 12 extra-terrestrial DNA strands, our original terrestrial DNA strand in connection with the Earth Mother (which has been suppressed for who knows how long), and a newly developing 14th DNA strand. This is more astral Matrix entity propaganda, which I fell for. But I fall for it no longer.

Seek to unlock your DNA, not activate a new 'prison body' DNA that will correspond to the newly positioned astral Matrix grid over the 'New Earth' paradigm.

What do I mean by this?

In my understanding, via increased and continually increasing conscious awareness on the planet, as well as other factors, the Earth has shifted on her access point (approx. 23.4 degrees), just enough to disconnect from the artificial astral Matrix grid overlay of the Earth's ley lines (organic energy grid meridians).

For the astral entities to reinforce their dwindling control as well as their own existence in the astral realm (meaning, they are losing the power supply that supports the astral Matrix overlay), they must now reconstruct their artificial Matrix over the Earth to the Earth's current position, which means recreating the astral Matrix grid overlay over the Earth's currently positioned ley lines. Because the majority of the conscious awareness (51% or higher) of the planet has shifted from a predominantly negative/closed polarity to a more positive/open polarity, the old Matrix - the predominantly negative Matrix - has little life in its reserves and will not survive. This said, a new Matrix must be created for their service-to-self behalf, based on 1) the present coordinates of the Earth's ley lines, and 2) the majority collective consciousness.

In order to align with the Earth's currently positioned ley lines, the new Matrix (or so the astral entities are hoping to establish) must adapt to the newly forming positive paradigm of the Earth and its majority collective consciousness. The Looking Glass, H.A.A.R.P. and CERN technologies, in conjunction with pyramids, chemtrails, etc. did not work successfully in creating another ouroboros Time Loop cycle, fortifying the former Matrix grid, and ultimately closing the stargate for them to enter after the so-called 'quarantine' was 'lifted', so the Astrals are now using the same technologies, and spreading new chemtrails, to create a new astral Matrix overlay of the Earth to coincide with the Earth's currently positioned ley lines in the majority positive density consciousness.

From the astral level, this is what the 'New Earth' is all about, and why I say, 'When we ascend, they ascend'; they wish to always be 'above' us and 'ahead' of us, so to say. But this has nothing to do with ascension, as ascension is all about advancing -- not evolving -- to a new and different level within the astral realms -- of which there are many.

Worship the astral (the 'heavens', for the biblical-inclined), worship the Earth (for the pagan-inclined), and you will never be free.

Listen to your spirit.


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Some who are type one entities want to help because they understand that they are a part of the whole and helping anyone/anything helps the whole. Those who are type 2 help because they feel duty, they have fun, or just wanna mess with folks. Even the worst environment is part of the whole, and type 1's o not judge.


answered 01 May '15, 20:18

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TReb Bor yit-NE

perhaps we are connected
and as under developed,
holding back evolution
of our inhabited cosmos


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