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I wanted to sneak in this tribute to Wade while he sleeps. I hope you will forgive this posting, but I wanted you all to know just what a special person is @Wade Casaldi! Forget my bias, please. And forgive it if you can...For there is great spiritual depths to Wade, and we on Inward Quest are lucky to have him.

This has been the most terrible and terrifying week for Wade and myself. My headaches are beyond even describing- you've seen my art work of them...But what you may not know is that Wade has been with me, literally every step of the journey, sleeping in uncomfortable recliners while I was hospitalized.

My migraines have gotten really mean. They can render me blind, unable to speak or walk. They are messing up my eyes so bad that I have double vision all the time, and now my left eye is vibrating visibly...all due to what is called hemiplegic, or complex migraine. Not a lot of people know about these headaches, and Wade certainly has had a crash course in nursing these past two years. To learn more about these headaches, go here.

I wanted you to know that despite this, Wade has remained cheerful, optimistic, and God-loving. He spends a lot of time on Inward Quest, and I know that he means so much to many of you. He has come so far, and he deserves praise! In 2009, he was completely self-taught in the many aspects of spirituality. You should see all the spiritual books he has and has read. This is a man who knows stuff about all things spiritual and metaphysical. When I started emailing him in 2004, he was teaching me about this information, and passing along the neatest emails and links. He really knows a lot, yet remains humble and has a great sense of humor. I think he is one of the Kings of Links! He has heard of things I never knew even existed.

Wade dropped out of High School, and secured his GED later. Since I have known him, I have basically been teaching him how to communicate better- how to form good sentences, where to out punctuation, and so on. Big deal! The substance, humility and drive have always been there. I never have to edit his stuff anymore. He has come so far!

Wade is a special person- a saint, I think. He really is a darling, and I think it is amazing how everyone truly enjoys his posts. He has so much to tell.

Now, I can see Barry Allen, tapping his shoe, and asking himself, "Where is the spiritual lesson in this???" Well, Barry...Let me share a story.

Today was an absolutely awful day for me. I had enrolled in a new college, was all registered, and I found out at the last minute that I do not have enough Grant money to finish my BA. I was devastated. I cried and cried. I had to withdraw from school. Because I let myself get so upset, I of course got a whopping headache. It was so bad that at my regular ophthalmologist appointment yesterday, they were so worried about my vision that they sent me immediately to Neurology to see a special doctor. My eyes were really "googlely", as I call them. Wade never ever complains about pushing the wheelchair, sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting. But good news! Dr. Kelly said that my headaches and all the side effects (unable to walk, unable to speak, going blind, etc.) were part of the syndrome, and changed my medication around so I will be able to cope with them better.

When we got into the car at the end of this long day, Wade said to me, "Well, despite everything, we can really pull some positives out of this day!" And he was smiling...

We would all be better people if we were like Wade.

Please pin roses on him. I think it is his turn to see just how much he means, not just to me, but all of you.

I thank you in advance,

Your Jaianniah

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Pinned 100 Roses for Wade :D

(25 Jun '13, 16:33) ikaruss21
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"thank u so much wade..with all my heart.., for taking care of jai so much. u both truely are blessings to IQ. thank u..,GOD BLESS YOU.. :))

with lots and appreciation..,

supergirl :)))


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"out of difficulties grow miracles" :)

(26 Jun '13, 04:26) jaz

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Love, Grace



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A beautiful garden of roses for you Wade, a man who blesses us each & every day with your knowledge which you share with heart, soul & humor.

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You posts make us better ...

alt text

Thank you Wade for all you give - your time & effort is appreciated.

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With Appreciation & Heartfelt Thanks, Love, Ele


Thanks for taking such good care of our Jai!
You two are the heart of IQ. Much appreciation to both of you.

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I have come to feel as though I am an honored guest at a meeting, everyone is waiting for my speech.

First thank you everyone, you are all so kind and considerate.

I was stunned my honey Jaianniah posted this. Really there are many here that I have a good respect for. Not only those that have all the answers but many questers with good questions as well.

I feel this wasn't nessecary really. I am just being myself, anyone that really cares and loves anyone would be as patient, well maybe not.

When I was eating my cereal, she asked me how much more I have to go. I said, "Not much more, maybe 20 or so spoonfulls." She just said, "Oh forget it, I'll be out on the porch." You could have swore I said forever! LOL

I counted for her and I was very close to perfect accuracy, 21 spoonfulls!

She wanted me to just drink it down and get it over with! LOL

So I do have a lot of patience but when it comes to suffering and caring that extends to as long as it takes.

Thank you so much for all the roses, you are all wonderful!


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Wade Casaldi

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Namaste Sensei Wade. I have always loved you and you are a GREAT influence and connection. You show us more of the us that we love, and wish to be. Thank you for this.

love n light



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