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As we learn, grow and receive more information through questions and answers posted on Inward Quest and through our life experience; our understanding and knowledge changes. This being true, how do you feel about the idea of revisiting some of the questions and answers already asked and revising them?

Bearing in mind that in revising parts of a question and/or no longer feeling that the absolute best answer has been given, by necessity, may involve un-checking a previously selected best answer.

This question is directed to the whole community, including administrators.

What do you say?

asked 19 Jan '11, 03:29

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

Revising answers as often as you wish is no problem. Old questions with new or edited answers often reappear already.

Revising questions to even a slightly different meaning or intent can negate all the answers given up to then and make the whole thread confusing. This is especially true for those who have just found the site through a search engine and simply want a quick, useful answer to their question before leaving again. These people actually form the majority of Inward Quest's daily web traffic.

Revising questions is not something we would encourage. Just start a new question instead.

Additionally, we believe it is beneficial to those quick, one-time visitors to see answers sorted (roughly at least) in order of usefulness or value. (You have to decide for yourself how you define that). Voting for "good" answers on the site - even if you don't completely agree with them - allows the site software to do that sorting automatically for those people. So we encourage you to use your votes!

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answered 19 Jan '11, 07:25

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

edited 19 Jan '11, 07:42

Thanks Simon, I hear you. Then rather than revising a question, can a new question be asked that is very similar to a previously asked question, without it being closed due to it being a 'possible duplicate?' In that way, new and updated answers can be posted.

(19 Jan '11, 08:40) Eddie

Certainly Eddie, a new similar question can be asked, provided it is not just the same question again using different words. The moderators don't close questions casually. Duplicate questions are closed primarily to avoid fragmented answers being littered around the website instead of all being in one place under the original question. If any member of Inward Quest is asking a similar question to one that already exists and wants to be sure it won't be closed, all they need do is explain briefly in the body of the question how the new question is different to the previous one.

(19 Jan '11, 19:10) Simon Templeton ♦♦

No, I do not think it is practical!

Naturally, we can refer back to it to see how we have grown spiritually, and intellectually, but otherwise I do not see a need for revising the old questions, and answers!

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answered 19 Jan '11, 05:08

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee. For me it's important to get to the best answer and that means incorporating my latest understanding.

(19 Jan '11, 08:43) Eddie

I think it would be something like going back in a journal, to the older entries and revising your personal history. It isn't a good idea.

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answered 19 Jan '11, 15:09

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn. You've inspired me to ask a new question :)

(20 Jan '11, 01:26) Eddie

I think I have a solution to this issue.

We have the option of answering our own questions. When I need to update an old question, as when I have "grown" to "know" a new perspective, I post my own answer to my question. This allows me to update the information contained in the question without actually altering any of the original answers, or the question.

I have done this a few times, and am often surprised when the question then is revived , and more people add to it. It is nice, and practical at the same time.

Blessings, Jaianniah

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answered 06 Mar '11, 18:28

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Thanks Jai, That'll work :)

(07 Mar '11, 03:25) Eddie

I guess if the question gets revisited enough and the question asker feels as if it warrants a rvise then I think that would be great.

Or if the asker feels that new information has arisen then they should edit the question and say so in the title.

Why not?

I often look at old rarely visited questions.


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answered 19 Jan '11, 03:34

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jim 10

Thanks for your answer Alci :)

(19 Jan '11, 08:34) Eddie

I agree

There are many newer members who may not have had time to trawel through all the old posts.

If a few at a time were bought back to life so to speak the newer members could have their "two penorth worth". And who knows the newer members may have something valid to add to the debate.


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answered 19 Jan '11, 15:22

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Monty Riviera

Thanks Graham. Yes, it'd be nice if older questions had some new life through new answers from newer members. I'm gonna look at some older ones again and maybe revise my answers as well :)

(20 Jan '11, 01:26) Eddie
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