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Whenever I try to plug in an USB cable, the first try, it won't go in.

Flip it over and the Second try, it still won't go in.

Flip it over again and the Third time it won't - usually go in.

But the FOURTH TRY always works!

But turning it over three or four tries when a USB cable only has two sides!?!

That sucker has GOT to be part of the Fourth Dimension!

How about that Inward Questers?

Dollar Anne

asked 17 Sep '12, 16:57

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

wikified 17 Sep '12, 19:42

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Barry Allen ♦♦

(17 Sep '12, 18:35) Satori

@Satori - That would be Ms. Dollar Anne.

(17 Sep '12, 19:03) Grace

This happens to me all the time!! Lol

(17 Sep '12, 20:41) LapisLazuli

@Grace- Thanks:) @Dollar Anne-If that's the case then Scart leads must be part of 12th dimensional. Lol:)

(17 Sep '12, 20:58) Satori

Thanks for the laugh. :-)

I have some advice just look at where the pins are located and where the pins receptors are located. Then you will get it first try every time. :-)

I know you shouldn't have to look into the USB port it should just fit one way but they for some reason decided to make it confusing.

(17 Sep '12, 22:12) Wade Casaldi

I remember even my Atari 2600 joysticks made sure the plugs were shaped as a trapezoid so that you could only plug them in one way. Actually you can only plug in the USB one way but they don't make it obvious. lol

(17 Sep '12, 22:12) Wade Casaldi

There is always a joint on the external metal cover. when plugging in, let the joint side be at the bottom. It will go in every time.
Alternativey, there is a USB sign on one side of the plug. Plug in when this sign is on the upper side (though plugging in will be a challenge if you are doing it in the dark). It will go in first time.

(18 Sep '12, 00:02) ndwigabn

.....Wait. What's a Scart?

(18 Sep '12, 00:05) Grace

just seen that Jaianiah has already given what I was suggesting. Jaianniah has explained it so clearly. Thanks.Am barely one day old in IQ, and from what am seeing, I have lots of things to learn. So much of what has happened to me now makes alot of sense. thanks alot IQ. As I walk into my 50 th birthday, things are so clear and wonderful. greetings to IQ family from Kenya.

(18 Sep '12, 00:15) ndwigabn

@ndwigabn Welcome to our family here on IQ. I hope you enjoy it very much. It is a lot of fun but also very informative as well. It is wonderful sharing answers also. If something helps you and someone asks a question that fits it then it is great to be able to help others as well. :-)

(18 Sep '12, 00:32) Wade Casaldi

@grace tv cables in Europe between tv and dvd or satellite box

(18 Sep '12, 01:25) ursixx

@ursixx - Thanks! Funny word. :)

(18 Sep '12, 12:30) Grace

@Grace :you are easily amused aren't you? he says in a Sheldon voice

(18 Sep '12, 17:01) ursixx

@ursixx- remind me never to move to Europe...:)

(18 Sep '12, 17:10) Jaianniah

@ursixx - why yes, as a matter of fact, I am! :)

(18 Sep '12, 17:13) Grace

......Wait. WTF is a Sheldon voice?

(18 Sep '12, 17:13) Grace

+1 Good to know it doesn't just happen to me :D

(18 Sep '12, 19:52) nima

@Dollar Bill :So when we need to refer to your wife and kids it's Dollar Anne ,change

(19 Sep '12, 01:17) ursixx

@ursixx ROTFLMAO!!! Good one!

@Fairy Princess - That is Rolling On The Floor Laughing My, umh, Head Off!

(19 Sep '12, 04:01) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill ? Are you 'cleaning' up your language for me? lol

(19 Sep '12, 10:08) Fairy Princess

@Dollar Anne LOL

(19 Sep '12, 10:10) Fairy Princess
(20 Sep '12, 04:56) Dollar Bill
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That's because there has to be an alignment between the energy of creation and your desired outcome.

With each try, your desire for the plug to "fit" became more and more in alignment with "all that is" until finally the "event" locked in place with the third quardrant of the moon, the eastern star and the galactic centre, all creating a harmonic resonance with your chackras, especially your third eye, and causing the plug to connect in all dimensions at once.

But as a long standing member of this group, I fugured, you already knew that!


answered 17 Sep '12, 19:00

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller

edited 17 Sep '12, 19:00

@The Traveller - You took the words right out of my mouth, except that you made it all so crystal clear. Wonderful answer, thank you. :)

(17 Sep '12, 19:02) Grace

Thank you Grace ;)

(17 Sep '12, 19:09) The Traveller

lol, U know, i thought i was the ONLY one lol, thank u for this laugh,. it is well needed and past due. LOOOONG past due. I love u and u r great. thank u. love n light 2 u and ty again.




answered 17 Sep '12, 18:18

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

@Dollar Bill- Tell Anne that one side has a little seam on it, and that is the down side. If she cannot see it, she can feel it with a nail. That works for me. Thanks for the laugh!


answered 17 Sep '12, 23:17

Jaianniah's gravatar image


edited 17 Sep '12, 23:19

I'll tell her, thanks Jai

(18 Sep '12, 05:25) Dollar Bill

Umh, I left my computer logged in to IQ and my wife, Anne, made this post. Oops!

Glad you all enjoyed the joke! Every evening when she plugs in our rechargeable devices, cell phones, etc, I hear her growling, trying to line up the USB cables.

Thanks for the advice, passing it on!


answered 18 Sep '12, 05:26

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill


It goes the same with VGA cables for your computer monitor. At work, we are convinced there is an unwritten law that no matter where you are or what you're doing......when you go to plug in a VGA cable it will always be "upside down."


answered 19 Sep '12, 12:39

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