Sometimes, I wonder if this is really true....Blessings, Jai

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"If you ask a question, then the answer can be given, but no answer is forthcoming to a question not asked."

From Francine, Sylvia Browne's Spirit Guide.

So the way I see it there really is no such thing as a stupid question.


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It is common to say that there are no stupid questions, but in reality there are many questions which are either inappropriate or unhelpful for various reasons:

  1. They can be off-topic, having nothing to do with the subject at hand

  2. They can be leading questions, containing assumptions, presumptions or conclusions

  3. They can attack the character of another person or group

  4. They can be subjective or argumentative, making them impossible to answer correctly

  5. They can be poor quality questions, usually because the person asking lacks any knowledge
    of the subject matter.


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I think you nailed it, V! Blessings, Jai

(02 Mar '11, 23:12) Jaianniah

It must be understood that there are many levels of intelligence, how else does a child learn but asking questions that to adults are stupid and obvious.

I child might ask something like what makes water wet? A adult might give a stupid answer like "because it is!" But really this can go deep into science, chemistry, or philosophy.

A lot can be learned about even the theory of relativity from this so-called stupid question.


answered 11 Feb '10, 16:35

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Wade Casaldi

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i agree wade many level of asker and question. well that poor child will say that adult know nothing. also stupid question stupid answer. but what is the reverse stupid answer = stupid question. was the child question genuine? could the answer being because it is a liquid might have been a better answer? experience and enjoy.

(03 Nov '11, 02:21) white tiger

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

(03 Nov '11, 21:03) white tiger

No, there is no such thing as a stupid question, only the person believing that their question maybe stupid. However, I wholeheartedly agree with Vesuvius's answer.

This being so, I do have a different take on the "Question" phenomenon.

I believe that a question is really a "yearning" for discovery or revelation. We are constantly adding or expanding our identity of self. And this expansion seems to be happening in waves, I'm talking about a wave of desire of expansion.

As this desire awakens, we start to magnetically attract the appropriate "keys" in conscious awakening in the form of thought forms or energy forms.

When we catch one these "keys" to unlock an understanding we catch that key in two possible ways.

But first, these two possibilities exist because everything is Oscillation. Even creation, and our “sense” of that force, in the form of consciousness, is an oscillation.

In the case of these "keys" of understanding and our desire to "know" something, when seen as an oscillation, they take the form of "I know this" or "I want to know this". These are the two extremes of energy of this oscillation.

Your personality and "how you think", for the most part, determines which cycle of this oscillation is a more familiar "resonant lock" to your consciousness. You can also see it as a sympathetic vibration like a tuning fork. You are either "in tune" or "out of tune" with the oscillation.

If everything you know is gathered through learning by study, examination, authentication, verification, discussion with others, etc you will automatically prefer to catch the vibration "out of tune" and do the tuning yourself by studying and examining and verifying what you attracted in your consciousness. When you do this you catch it as a Question.

If you follow, you will get what I am hinting at. The question and the answer is the same thing! It is the same bloody thing; only how you catch it makes it a question or an answer. When you have a question, you already have the answer, but you prefer to discover it.

On the other hand, if you prefer to "not care" and not even worry if what comes to you is "right" or "wrong" you find that you start to resonate more in the middle of the oscillation cycle and sometimes more towards the "in tune" side of the cycle.

When you are there, you catch the same "key" of knowledge or vibration or thought form, and you connect to it "in tune", suddenly you experience Inspiration instead of a question. In other words, you have the answer before the question.

The less, pre-conceived, concepts form the basis of your psyche, the more often you find yourself having "Inspirations" instead of "Questions", both of these being the very same energy!

This is why you hear the term "The more I learn the less I know". It should really be re-phrased "The less I choose to know, the more I discover"

I know, there is a conundrum here. How do you know if what you know is right? You don't. But you can feel the guidance, because things (ideas) don't just come crashing into your consciousness without your invitation in the first place. Everything is a response to WHAT YOU INITIATE. So in a way, an inspiration is a response to a request you made in the past.


answered 14 Feb '10, 15:18

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The Traveller

Good feeling answer.

(14 Feb '10, 15:28) Roy

that is interesting the traveller. it makes me thing about when i know what someone is going to say before i tell them something. then i ask my self is it worth it to tell them that thing or should i keep it to my self? or should i test it to see if i am right? or option 3 write it somewhere tell the person the thing and give them the paper? well experience and enjoy.

(03 Nov '11, 02:29) white tiger

Yes, there are stupid questions and stupid answers but it depends on who is asking, to who it is being ask too, why they are asking, and in the circumstances in which they are being asked, for some may not be stupid at all but makes plenty of sense to someone or many who are reading or listening to it.

Sometimes it might be years on down the road that the question might make sense to someone it just all depends on a lot of variables that are out there.


answered 11 Feb '10, 09:49

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Stupid = dullness or lack of intelligence.

Someone who considers him/herself to be dull or lacking in intelligence but has the courage to ask a question demonstrates a measure of Wisdom about them oftentimes unmatched by those that 'know all the answers'.

(..and why do men never stop and ask for directions when they are lost - lol .. just playing with your minds, fellas).


answered 12 Feb '10, 02:29

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Inactive User ♦♦

lol. good response loraine, excellent answer:) shoot im lost again, can any 1 give me directions?? lol

(13 Feb '10, 07:47) Mebb


"The more I learn the less I know". It should really be re-phrased "The less I choose to know, the more I discover"


This statement is so profound I just wanted to emphasize it - hope you don't mind Traveller.

IMO this is the only reason that physical science is not more advanced than it is and why so many wonderful people have suffered death and deprivation at its hand. I am not against hard science, I find it fascinating.

In all fairness I guess the same could be said for fanatical religious people.


answered 14 Feb '10, 23:37

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Inactive User ♦♦

I don't mind Lorraine. What's interesting is that when I answer a question (I'm sure this is how it is for everyone, not just me), it is a burst of energy waiting to respond to the movement that was created in my consciousness by reading the question. I don't think of the answer, rather I try to catch up to it before it is replaced by another thought. If I answer the same question 5 minutes later, it just doesn't come out the same way. I try not to think about this too much because, it scares me that I get lucky with these answers.

(15 Feb '10, 17:38) The Traveller

Let me emphasize again that my explanation is, I believe, how it is for everyone. Just pay attention to your own consciousness as you respond to one of these questions and you will see that you are more the "listener" than the "thinker"

(15 Feb '10, 17:43) The Traveller
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