"How do you explain to a 2D object what it means to be 3D?" Question I remember being asked in early school.

Many suggest in the LoA believing you 'have' what it is you desire is a first step. This of course is maddening to some.

Has anyone ever felt the effects of a substance before it is actually absorbed? Some refer to this early feeling as a placebo effect. I believe it's actually because how substances make us feel is a consequence of how our body REACTS to the substance, not because of the consumption of the substance itself. For example, a fever isn't caused by the infection but our bodies reaction thereto.

I've noticed silly things like in the morning as soon as I make the conscious decision that I will make and drink a cup of coffee I already start to perk up. Preemptive placebo effect! Weird, right? This works with me for headache medicine as well, as soon as I take it my headache goes away. As a much weirder example I've noticed if I make any long term decisions to be dedicated to working at something every day I begin to become much more capable at a much faster pace than if I were to take it with a fleeting interest. I begin learning it and progressing rapidly, it seems to come much more naturally.

So here is the question: How do you explain this behavior? Physically? Metaphysically? Am I crazy? (True but not necessarily because of this) Is it like a reverse hypochondriac or perhaps a hypochondriac cause in the first place? Am I just learning at a faster pace because as I continue to work on my ability to learn I grasp new concepts easier?

Look forward to hearing the responses.. I welcome any and all psychiatric assessments as well if this is your fancy. ;)

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@Snow, please title your questions with a clear, specific question rather than a general statement. Please edit your question title now and replace it with a specific question. It makes it easier for others to understand what your question is about without needing to read the detail of it. Refer to the Inward Quest FAQ for further information: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq/ Thanks

(11 May '13, 20:58) Barry Allen ♦♦

How does "Would you explain this as placebo effect or insanity or somewhere in between" sound?

(11 May '13, 21:18) Snow

@Snow, only you know what question you are trying to ask. Please ensure your question title stands independently and does not need someone to read the full text of it first to understand what it is about. That defeats the purpose of the title. Using a phrase like "explain this" means someone has to read the question body to understand what "this" refers to.

(11 May '13, 22:19) Barry Allen ♦♦

Aw, come on @snow. Great question, how about "How can we 3 dimensional beings relate to a 4d timeline?"

(12 May '13, 11:20) Dollar Bill

I like it DB. Thanks for the suggestion!

(12 May '13, 14:40) Snow
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Snow I believe you would find the Joy Book enlightening.

In this book it says that any and all medication is a result of the human body. Therefore you can ask your body to synthesize any chemical drug and it will.

I forget just how he said to command your body to do this. But it is worth digging into.

Joy book


answered 12 May '13, 00:35

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Wade Casaldi

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Very intriguing! Yes, this makes perfect sense to me. Our bodies are constantly synthesizing different building blocks according to suit our needs. If they're able to create extreme super-chemicals like adrenaline, there's no reason they wouldn't be able to create a plethora of other things.

I'll have to put it on my reading list. Thanks for sharing. =)

(12 May '13, 14:46) Snow

Yes Snow it is a very good book, I cherish it and I have the followup book, "The God Book." That is also a very cherished book.

I think many believe I am just a simple Christian, if that were so I would never have had made The God Consciousness Experiment. ;-)

(12 May '13, 14:54) Wade Casaldi

I don't know about 'many', but I'll gladly admit to my arrogance regarding your spiritual choice because I mistakenly was blaming all who identify themselves as 'Christians' for the misdoings of their negative minority, a practice I try to avoid with any grouping but fail sometimes.

Luckily that never stopped me from valuing your answers, if it had it would have been extremely unfortunate for me and I would have missed out on a lot. What is The God Consciousness Experiment if I may ask?

(12 May '13, 19:50) Snow


I did this a few years back but it is still good. It is my experiments that I used myself, inspired by God each came to me.

(13 May '13, 00:30) Wade Casaldi
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I totally understand what Snow meant by 4th dimensional Beings living in 3D time. In my opinion, it makes total sense as a headline for her question. It's a summary on one higher level.

I think this is the Law of Attraction at work, and you are cognizant of your creations as they are in the process of manifesting. You direct your thought, and it instantly manifests. We certainly are strong and powerful creators, aren't we? Furthermore, this is happening to all of us; we just need to get our unconscious, habitual thoughts under control in order to manifest what we DO want.

Good observation, Snow!

I just ordered the Joy book on amazon. thanks, Wade!


answered 12 May '13, 10:28

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Beach Baby

Appreciate the kind words. I'm actually not a her though. ;)

Welcome to IQ. Glad to have you, thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(12 May '13, 14:44) Snow

The first step is knowing that you are Whole....

In each moment you are ALL you are and have ALL you need for each moment...

You are not a 3D being, you are an infinite being existing on all realms.



answered 17 May '13, 22:55

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