I want to manifest a house for myself and my son. I am a single mom and having many limiting beliefs to overcome, so I haven't done much to manifest a house. The other day, I started looking online at cheap houses for sale. I aked my son to talk about what we want in a house, he has become quite the manifester. I was feeling the excitement... and then I talked to my mom. Her response was that I had wanted to move away (some day after my son was in college). So my first response was, oh ya and to forget about a new house. Then I realized that this is the pattern in my life. Everything I want to do, every goal and dream, my mom has a reason I shouldn't or can't. I don't want to point a finger in blame here, I just want it to stop. So, how do I change my perception so that if she or someone else tells me why I can't have what I want, I don't allow it to keep me from my goals. How do I stop attracting these paralyzing comments? I realize that's two questions, but I am not sure which one to pursue or how. Thanks

PS When I told my son what my mom said, he scoffed and said that I could sell it, rent it, etc...

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Fairy Princess

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I believe that is from the small things that vanish hard efforts from mediation, practice and spiritual focusing efforts, it is good to bring that up. Tom answers is beneficial use the power of silence and power of secret. Abraham also warned from talk to whom do not get it.

(27 Mar '12, 11:20) r0la

So while waste time to fight their notes, waste your time to build your own from believing and focusing with those who adopt that science of creation. work in silence with your son, results will show. and just don't give these words that much attention

(27 Mar '12, 11:20) r0la

I wasn't even talking about the LOA or manifesting with my mom, just about owning vs. renting.

(27 Mar '12, 11:25) Fairy Princess
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Hey Fairy Princess,

You know about the power of silence. It's good to be quiet like in meditation. Do not speak unless it is good. Encourage your son to keep manifesting. Work on yourself, we cannot change others. Even when you do the outstanding there will be naysayers.

Well there is another power of secret. If their going to shoot you down don't bother telling them about it. Find like minded people to hang with. Be a real Fairy Princess and have fun and dance around. Go to the park and dance with the children. You will receive boundless spiritual energy. Put mirrors (metaphysical) on the front of you solar plexus, practice strengthening them through thought and deep breathing. Soon no one will smash you dreams.



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Good statements Tom, power of silence and power of secret so much helpful for whom effected by others when work on manifesting in loud.

(27 Mar '12, 11:11) r0la

Good question Fairy princess many people will judge you they are still stuck there and they have free will and you cannot do annything about it. but you have free will also so work for your goal and eventually you will reach them. stay in the truth. hear people out is it true or not what they are saying. if it is not true do not let it affect you, you will hate your self. if it is true use it to help your self. also sometime people will complain you should do this or that something they do not like if they do not like it they could give you a hand in the place of a blame it disturb them and maybe not you or it might be lower in your list of priority. some blames other of their own fault. but in the end they will see the futility of it. sometime they blame other and could not do better. i have faith in you Fairy princess you will achive your goal. experience and enjoy.

update the most simple answer i can give you to the question: by seeing in truth where those words fit in. the simple fact that truth and lie exist and that you need to find the truth about the lie and that we are at different level of understanding means that you need to know the truth. the truth will set you free after all.


answered 27 Mar '12, 10:22

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white tiger

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What you mom says to you has nothing to do with what you choose to believe, unless you choose to believe that what she says is true.

This is what happens when self reliance (which is biological) is replaced by reliance upon the advice of others.

Once the habit is there, you have no choice but to be affected by the advice of others.

You and you alone have authority over your experience.

The only reason your mother or anyone else can influence you is because somewhere within you, you believe that you owe it to them and yourself to apply their wisdom as a means of avoiding wrong decisions.

What you must do is make your own decisions first and just ask someone's advice to see where your own decisions stand.

If you are depending on other's to guide you within yourself, whose life are you living?

And stop feeding the idea that you have a problem with being influenced by others in a detrimental way.

When you begin a sentence with the words how do I change, you are assuming that you are already within the problem and therefore you need to be rescued from it through a change from where you are at.

The very thought "HOW DO I?" is the problem.

You didn't and still don't have a problem until your mind begins with the assumption "HOW DO I get out of it?"

You were never in it until you assumed that you are in it.

Since you exist only within the moment, THIS VERY MOMENT RIGHT NOW is the moment within which you found yourself in it when you began that thought.

You can be out of it in the instant within which you can think a thought.

It's just one thought.

How do I remain free from the influence of others within myself?

That thought above has a built in assumption that you are right now free from the influence of others.

You can choose the idea that you are already free by choosing to think such thoughts. That way of thinking is absolutely consistent with the principles of the Law of Attraction.

According to which you are supposed to assume that you are already experiencing that which you seek.

And the technique of how to remain free from the influence of others is not found in asking others on how to do it.

It is found in asking yourself to show you how to do it.

When you ask yourself, your “self” will guide you to stumble upon someone’s answer or advice that is appropriate just for you.

So what is appropriate for you may not be found in any of the answers that are posted in response to your question, including this answer from me.

But that shouldn’t stop us from entertaining our intellect and ego by participating here.


answered 27 Mar '12, 10:45

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The Traveller

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@The Traveller This sounds very much like the answer I would give. As I asked the question, I knew the answer was already in me. Sometimes though it helps to ask the question so we get answers. Thanks

(27 Mar '12, 10:50) Fairy Princess

I agree with The Traveller and I just want to add. You cannot perceive or be what you are not vibration of. The meaning of those words that "stop" you is in fact just a reflection of WHO YOU ARE. Which should give you a hint - you have to change yourself, in order to change the reflection. And how do you change yourself? Well, you tell me, who do you want to be? And when you know the answer, then be that person. Simple as that.

(27 Mar '12, 12:16) CalonLan
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