I did, and I'm regretting it. About a year and a half ago when I first started working with deliberate creation I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a romantic partner as a request. 
        Almost immediately I Attracted someone. It happened so fast I didn't connect it with the request at the time but now I know. Thing is I didn't do anything about it. I got fearful, or it happened to fast. Basically I wasn't ready at the time. I see this person from time to time and it's obvious we are attracted to each other. 
   Now that I am feel I'm ready for a relationship I feel I have left it too late to be with this person, maybe because I have changed so much since then.
   From the answers I have read here on IQ it is wrong to try attract a specific Person into your life, so I wrote another request for a new romantic relationship about 3 or 4 months ago and nothing. Trouble is i don't seem to be able to let the other person go? I have tried all the  methods  over and over for a long time but this person or the lack of just keeps bubbling up in my mind?
     I have not told anyone this before but I feel a bit better after writing this down

What should I do? Please help



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What's DC? (filling in the space)

(27 Jun '11, 12:37) kakaboo

How does it feel ? That is what is right or wrong.
Does it feel good meeting and talking to the person ? Go with your feelings those are the indicators of your manifestations

The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that's what life is.

--- Abraham



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Yes it feels good to meet and talk with this person:) Thanks for your answer Ursixx:)

(27 Jun '11, 17:38) Satori

Just roll with it my friend and the right person will be there for you. I myself manifested a relationship but it's sort of a long story. The short story is that my sparks flew for a girl right away just like you, and then I let her go not realizing that she was the one. Then I met someone else, the sparks were flying and I thought she was the one, but she wasn't. I was a bit confused at this point till I saw the first girl again and I realized I had been seeing her in my dreams. I knew that it must be her and we are now happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Love and Light


answered 25 Jun '11, 10:19

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Thank you Brian for your answer.I know your right,roll with it. I just released a lot of limiting beliefs lately and now everything seems to be going the opposite of what they should.just got to cultivate a bit more Faith:)

(27 Jun '11, 17:42) Satori

Why would it be too late? You said, "Now that I am feel I'm ready for a relationship I feel I have left it too late to be with this person, maybe because I have changed so much since then." If you have changed too much (in a positive way) to have a good relationship with her, then use the EFT and let her go. You said you "tried all the methods over and over for a long time." Did you try EFT? You may not be persistent enough. I do EFT on obsessive thoughts until they go away. For my obsessive, thoughts that distract me from listening to people and hearing the tv and stuff, I just tapped while watching tv until it went away.

Now I don't know you or the girl, so I have no idea if you are good for eachother or if your relationship will work. I haven't manifested a relationship, but I am not interested in dating while I am raising my child. But if you like the girl and you think she likes you, ask her to lunch or coffee. Get to know eachother. It's not like if you ask her out, you are committing to a life long relationship. Use the EFT to temper your emotions. You don't want to make desicions when your emotions are so out of whack. (That is one reason why dating would be a distraction for me while raising a child.)

The main thing is be happy while doing no harm.


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Fairy Princess

Thanks for your anwser fairy princess.I have done a lot of eft,seems to work for a while.I will preservere with it.whats your technique for eft? Do you recommend fasterEft? :)

(27 Jun '11, 17:52) Satori

What do you mean my technique for EFT? It depends on the situation and what I am dealing with. When I am feeling anxious or stress in public, I do one handed tapping, where I use my thumb to press or tap the nail bed of each finger on the same hand. It is hardly noticeable. When I am dealing with a past issue, I start with the karate chop point and do a set up phrase 3x, then tap on each point while saying the reminder phrase. I don't do the gammut. I go around all the points 2 or 3x and then take a deep breath and evaluate. Then I go some more if I need to on that issue.

(27 Jun '11, 18:02) Fairy Princess

Judy Byrnes has a good video on youtube. And Karen Naumen has the one handed tapping and some others on her site. When I am in private and feeling stress or anxious or whatever, I don FasterEFT because I already feel the emotions. The point of the reminder phrase is to get into and stay in the feeling when we begin to tap it away. There is also Matrix Reimprinting, but I don't want to do that by myself yet. Too scary for me!

(27 Jun '11, 18:05) Fairy Princess

Thank you for sharing fairy princess.sometimes I find it hard to evoke the feelings but maybe the setup phrase and reminder phrase is enough at a subconscious level.and thanks for your good advice on my question:)

(27 Jun '11, 20:19) Satori

You're welcome, Martin. I hope it helps you.

(27 Jun '11, 21:18) Fairy Princess
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Maybe now is the time to do something about it, if not you will never know,its worth a shot now than to live with regret.


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You could be right Bearded dragon,I am considering this. Appreciate your answer. Thanks:)

(27 Jun '11, 17:54) Satori

you are very welcome

(29 Jun '11, 01:44) TheBeardedDragon


I have been through this same exact situation down to the details!

I was not ready for that person and rejected her but that is what I had wanted for so long!

It was too late for me too. AND The reason I kept thinking about her (like you are) is becasue deep down I feared and doubted it would happen again.

BUT - It will happen again...

Maybe not in the same set of circumstances but don't hold on to her.

If it happens that both of you are on the same page again you will know it, it will be automatic, don't force it, it will end up hurting you.


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Thank you for your anwser Back2Basics.I never thought of it like that.This Could be the reason I have difficulty letting go.I will take your advice and not force anything.After all I not feeling inspired to do anything about it only try to let her go.part of me is still hopeful though? Never had such persisant feelings before:) I really appreciate your advice and coming from experience to:) thanks

(30 Jun '11, 18:17) Satori

If deep in your heart you still want to be with her, push your luck, brother! Experience has taught me that the faster you make an action, the better for you. It may seem somewhat ironic of me to say this in your situation, but do not let any more time pass. And if you did not take any action, it is even better. This relationship is no different than any other. You have the feeling that the time has passed, but she does not.


answered 30 Jun '11, 20:15

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Thank you for your answer Asklepios. "You have the feeling that the time has passed but she does not" never thought of it like this.:)

(01 Jul '11, 20:43) Satori
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